#16 - Finding Your Edge with Dr. Laura Gallaher

Personal growth is a Journey, not an event.
— Dr. Laura Gallaher

The best part of doing a podcast is tapping into the genius of others and all they can teach you and this is another one of those moments when I’m so grateful that I kickstarted this podcast. In today’s podcast, I am featuring a new friend and fellow Remote Year participant, Dr. Laura Gallaher. She is an organizational psychologist and the founder of Gallaher Edge, but more than the creds, she is an insightful badass and the hour I spent chatting with her truly is one my favorite interviews I’ve done so far. We talk defensiveness, emotional intelligence and how you can find your edge in work and in life by tapping into self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-accountability. There’s so much knowledge to be shared here and I am so excited for you to here it! Enjoy!


  • Gallaher Edge Website – here

  • Gallaher Edge’s Guide 3 Steps to Be a Better Leader, building upon the self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-accountability topics discussed in this section – here

  • Signs of Defensiveness Survey – here

  • Insider Edge Membership Site through Gallaher Edge – here

  • The Human Element Workshop – here

  • The Power of Vulnerability Audio series by Brene Brown – here

  • Radical Collaboration – Book here and Seminar here

  • Expand Your Edge podcast with Dr. Laura Gallaher – here

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