#28 - What Bullshit Stories Are You Telling Yourself?


Let’s face it – we all tell ourselves some BS stories. Maybe they’re stories about our ability to travel the way we want, lose the weight we feel is slowing us down, start the business we’d always wondered and wished at…whatever! These stories can come in so many different shapes and forms – and, I don’t know about you, but I’m DONE let my bulls*** stories control my life. In today’s episode, I’m gonna get a little raw and a little real and tell you about some of my stories from my past, how I got through them and give you 3 tips for how to reframe and move through the bulls*** stories in your own life!


  • Tangible examples of how bullshit stories have shown up in my life. From weight loss, to relationships, to making my dream career change…bullshit stories have shown up for me a lot and I hope that you can relate to some of the examples

  • 3 Tips for Overcoming Bullshit Stories. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I actually took 3 steps to overcome some of my limiting beliefs. Take a listen starting at 14:00 minutes to hear the 3 steps that I used to overcome one of my biggest limiting beliefs.

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