#27 - Overcoming False Beliefs with EFT & Holistic Healing Ft. Taryn Johnson


Our second interview of 2019 is with the amazing Taryn Johnson. Taryn Johnson, aka the Remote Yogi, is a spiritual + yoga teacher and coach who has used intentionally used personal growth, holistic healing and yoga to work through her own trauma, anxiety and false beliefs to transform herself and others. Not only that, but she gives tangible tools that you can use in your own life to help you overcome your own trauma, including perhaps the best description of the emotional freedom technique (EFT), aka tapping, that I have ever heard! Super excited for you guys to hear this and I hope you enjoy it!


I highly suggest you guys take a listen to get all the juicy nuggets, but here’s the jist.

  • Yoga for mental health and anxiety management. Taryn comments on the fact that, for her, though there are physical benefits to yoga, she gets her major physical exercise from going to the gym and lifting weights. But yoga helps her get into that headspace, helps her get out of her head in a completely different way and, when she’s in anxiety, helps her move through it.

  • Limiting beliefs and Imposter syndrome. How to navigate your limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and some tips and tools and mindset shifts to help you navigate these situations.

  • Tapping, aka Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), to navigate your limiting beliefs – LITERALLY the BEST description of this technique I’ve ever heard. She gets into the science behind why this works, some of the work she does with clients to help them work through their limiting beliefs using this technique.

  • Where to start in overcoming your limiting beliefs. Making a list of 50 things that come up for you in terms of limiting beliefs and rating the physical manifestation of that belief.

  • Holistic Healing and why it’s important to address ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually. You can be not showing up as your best self bbecauseyou’re neglecting any of these 3.


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