Day 6 - Confident Body Language


Day 6 - Confident Body Language

I know we've gotten a bit deep and heavy in some of these topics! Well, this is bright side day! This is the day where I tell you about some of the little things you can do to improve your confidence. Because I have good news! There is a physicality to confidence. 

But, before we get into that, I want you to think about something. What do we do physically when we're feeling shy or not confident? We try to make ourselves smaller, right? We slump. we lower the volume of our voice, and sometimes we even go so far as to lower our pitch!

What about when we're confident, excited and happy? Our physiology changes, right? We try to make ourselves bigger by standing taller, talking louder, faster, and at a higher pitch. Oftentimes, we're even gesturing more!

The bottom line is that there are physical things that you can do to make yourself feel more confident. Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist who did a Ted Talk all about "power posing" or simply standing in a posture of confidence, typically with our hands on our hips, our hips and shoulders square and our posture tall and upright. Based on her research, she found that standing in a power pose, even when you're not feeling confident, can not only boost confidence but actually boosts success as well! Yes, physiology is that powerful!

So, next time you're not feeling all that confident, try to change your physiology. Sit up taller, speak louder, and gesture more! Try it now and throughout the day today to see how you feel!

Watch Amy Cuddy's Ted Talk here!

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