Day 5 - Power Phrases, Mantras, & Manifestos


Day 5 - Power Phrases, Mantras, & Manifestos

I can already see you rolling your eyes at this one. Haha. Seriously, I can hear you going "Really Ellyn? Mantras?" But, c'mon! Have a little trust because this is legit!

The first time I heard somebody talk about affirmations I literally almost gagged. I wasn't into all that woo woo self helpy crap. But, I then I found teachers, authors and coaches that finally got me to listen and everything changed. Because, here's the thing, this shit doesn't work unless it has meaning and power for YOU. That's where so many of us are going wrong. We're taking someone else's affirmations, someone else's mantras, etc. and we're trying to apply to our life and our struggles. It just doesn't work that way, and I know that's not what people want to hear. But it doesn't! You have to craft and find mantras that work for YOU.

So, the first thing I'm going to teach you is the Power Phrase. A power phrase is something that you use, consciously or not, in moments of self-doubt when you have to pump yourself up for something that is outside of your comfort zone. Maybe it's a big presentation or test, or maybe it's a difficult conversation. Mine? It's simple. "You got this!" I say it all the time. I didn't even realize it until the first time I learned about power phrases. Now, every time I need a boost of confidence, you might walk by me and hear me saying this to myself. "You got this, Ellyn."  

Another option is a mantra. If you're familiar with Brene Brown's work at all, you may have heard of these before. She talks about them a great deal in her book Daring Greatly and her audiobook The Power of Vulnerability (which might be my all-time personal favorite book). A mantra, similar to a power phrase, is something that you use when you need a boost of confidence to do something uncomfortable. But, different than a power phrase, mantras are used in specific situations. For example, Dr. Brown has several mantras. Some of which are used to set boundaries and others of which are used to help be authentic. I have adopted her boundary mantra because I think it's perfect. "Choose discomfort over resentment." She uses it in times when she has to say no to people. I use it anytime I feel tempted to do something I "should" do rather than something I "want" to do. 

Lastly, there are manifestos. I probably have 2 or 3 different kinds of manifestos. What they are are essentially very detailed descriptions of your visions of something in your life. My main manifesto is pages long and includes every type of goal I could possibly want to achieve, such as career goals, health goals, relationship goals, financial goals, etc. It's incredibly vivid and detailed and takes about 10 minutes to read out loud. Another type of manifesto if a limiting belief manifesto. Basically, what this involves is looking at all your limiting beliefs, and writing affirmations that are the complete opposite of those statements. For example, I had a rampant belief that I was not enough. So, I wrote affirmations stating that I was. But I didn't stop there, I gave examples of why I was enough. And I got a little feisty when I wrote it. (Hello f-bombs!)

Today, I want you to consider these options! I want you to select the one that resonates with you the most, whether it's a power phrase, mantra or manifesto. I want you create one that is personalized to you and I want you to:

  • Say it to yourself whenever you're struggling with your confidence, and
  • Repeat it every single day! For your manifesto, if it's particularly long, get out your smart phone and record yourself reading it. But don't' read it all monotone! Get into it! Read it with enthusiasm, passion, maybe drop a few cuss words of your own! And relisten to that every single day!

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