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Ellyn is a student and teacher of human potential.
I started her program with a motley rumpus of ideas, hopes, frustrations and aspirations. By the end, I had a plan, a timeline, and a clear sense of purpose that excited me. She listened, asked good/hard questions, and collaborated with me to shape ephemeral ideas and wishes into tangible objects I can work and play with. I look forward to learning more from her in the future.
— Gunther Oakey, Corporate Counsel, Novatech, 6-15-2018
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It’s amazing how things come to you exactly when you need them, and you were exactly what I needed. You helped me take these huge, lofty, seemingly unattainable goals and break them into mini tasks. You also helped me learn how my productivity / creativity works and how I need to harness it when it strikes to make the most out of my time. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, or what I was truly hoping to gain, and it blew me away how valuable these 8 weeks were! I’m still reaping the benefits after we’re done, so worth the investment in yourself. Love you long time xx
— Annie Jacobsen, 8-22-2018
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“I’m so grateful for meeting Ellyn this year and doing coaching sessions with her. Not only is she very comfortable to talk to, but she also asks the hard-hitting questions to make you think. She helped me uncover a lot of things I’ve been passionate about over the years but have put aside for one reason or another. She also had amazing feedback on how to tackle some of the challenges I have been facing with determining the next steps in my career and what direction to head. I highly recommend working with her no matter what challenges you’re facing both professionally and personally!”
— Lauren Chapman, MS - April 23, 2018
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Besides being one of the most authentic humans I’ve ever met, Ellyn is terrific at her job as a coach. She’s helped me make my goals more tangible and provided me with the tools and resources to making them achievable in my day-to-day life. I always look forward to our 1-on-1 coaching sessions.
— Jess Newfield, Community Facilitator & Impact Design Consultant
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“Ellyn is fantastic and understands what you are saying or trying to say. She does a great job at keeping you on task. She is great in helping you to learn about yourself and what you would like to do. Whether it’s in confidence or learning to go after your goals in fitness....She does a great job! She has helped me a lot and I’m going to be 57 in June! This lady is awesome!”
— Patti Lloyd, 3-5-2018

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