it’s not GOODBYE…Just See You Later!

I hope you know how much I enjoyed working with you! It's always bittersweet to wrap up with a client.

I say it all the time, but knowing that I had a hand in helping you take that next step, make that change and start creating that badass life for yourself, it brings me more fulfillment than I could possibly imagine! As we part ways, I would greatly appreciate it if you would take some time to take a quick exit survey! Please & Thank you!

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Was it health & fitness? Getting clarity on your career and where your life is going? Leveling up your confidence? Getting organized? Or were you just looking for accountability on achieving the goals you already knew you had?
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Was it a certain activity we did together? A certain insight we made? Was it our rapport? Please describe below.
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If you really enjoyed our time working together, I would greatly appreciate it if you contributed a testimonial! :-D
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