Range of Motion + Mobility Workouts: Not Just for CrossFit Athletes

Tight muscles? ✅
Poor mobility and range of motion? ✅
Difficulty turning off my overly analytical female brain? ✅

Probably the biggest change to my morning routine over the last few months is that I no longer workout in the morning. 
Initially this was just because I felt so off balance and lethargic in the morning that my workouts never felt effective.
But now, more so than that, it's because I prioritize stretching, mobility, and clearing my mind in the morning instead.
This is huuuuge for me.
Not only because I'm not very flexible, but because I have so many past surgeries and injuries that I have really poor range of motion in some of my joints. 
My right ankle for example.
And I KNOW that this lack of flexibility and range of motion are probably huge contributors to some of the nagging injuries I've dealt with since high school.

I've always wanted to prioritize stretching, but it always gets pushed to the back burner.
And if I've learned anything over the last couple years of trying to improve myself and my health, it's this.
The shit you want to BE SURE you get done in your life, you should make every effort to do FIRST THING in the morning.
Before distractions derail you.
For me this used to be my workouts, but I don't struggle with that as much anymore. Now I prioritize stretching.

I have talked about ROMWOD before.
It stands for Range of Motion Workout of the Day.
And let me just reiterate that I'm obsessed with it. 
I do it at least 5 days a week, generally in the morning before I go to work during the week. 
And what I love about it is that, yes, it is stretching and range of motion work, but with the background music and the occasional guided breath work, it feels like a guided meditation.
*Cue Ellyn chillin the eff out and turning off her brain!! Woohoo!*
Sometimes, like yesterday morning, I really get into it and turn off the lights and light candles and everything.

If you're like me and you workout a lot but your range of motion and flexibility kind of suck...
Or you're like me and you maybe didn't rehab an old injury as well as you should have...
I'm not doctor but I think ROMWOD is where it's at. 
I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out. 
And no I'm not affiliated with ROMWOD. 
I just am a supremely happy customer. 🙂✌🏻


Morning #hammerandchisel and @romwod stretching! I loved the breathe work before the Memorial service today! My workouts have been an incredibly welcome distraction the last few days, and with the romwod and the breathe work this morning, I feel so Zen!

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