Starting Again is So Much Different than Starting Over


Who here beats themselves the fuck up when they get even slightly off track??? Just me? I doubt that.

I told my friend that I had been a slacker.
Between finals, 2 straight weekends of Bachelorette parties and wrapping up my teaching fellowship I have been all over the place. 
I have been exhausted.
I have been napping and working instead of working out.
I have eaten more junk than I could possibly put into words.
I have a stack of jobs I need to apply to.
My to do list is insane.
And I have felt like a huge fake and failure acting and preaching to others about all these great habits and tools and tricks that i'm learning about but being so far from having my shit together.

It happens.
This shit is not something that you hustle for and then you quit working when you reach your destination.
It's like climbing up a big ass hill. 
The view at the top is fucking amazing and so worth it.
But if you lose momentum for too long, you risk rolling backward down the hill.
I find myself often getting caught in the trap of seeing the top or seeing the viewpoint that had previously been at and beating myself up for not being there still or. It being even closer to the summit.
But what I always forget, what SO MANY OF US forget is that starting again is SO MUCH DIFFERENT than starting over. 
You're not starting from scratch.
You're not starting from the bottom of the mountain. 
Because you've got lessons and shit you've already figured out that you can always use again.
Isn't that so damn reassuring?
I thought so.
And I had to share.

So here's to Monday.
Here's to a fresh week and a fresh Vance to start again.
To get my ass in gear, to pull from everything I've learned before and to hustle toward my goals. 
Let's do this!