Comparison: Learning to Enjoy the Journey


Comparison is the thief of joy.

It's cliche as alllll hell. But it's also one of the truest cliches you will find.

How often do we achieve something, do something, create something and feel so proud, so excited, so on top of the world....until we compare what we've done to someone else who has done "better"?

How often do we feel freaking great about ourselves and our lives...until we look someone else's life and want what they have?

If there is anything that destroys happiness like a plague, it's comparison. And what is such bullshit about it (and I'm totally guilty of this too!) is that oftentimes were comparing the shit that we feel and we struggle with behind closed doors to the highlight reel of other people's lives.

We compare our chapter 2 to their chapter 20.

Oh my gosh can we all just stop the madness?!? There's a process that we all have to go through to get where we want to be. There's a journey we have to go on. We have to face the shitty times and he insecurity and struggle to get to the awesome life at the end of the road! And if we don't, if we skip over that part, trust me we won't appreciate what we've gained and the shitty comparison cycle will continue.

Let's just STOP, and be thankful for what we have.
Let's congratulate and be thankful for what others have achieved, whether we want it or not and realize that they probably put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and long ass nights into getting what they've gotten.
Let's cut the crap, the "I wish I was her" inner monologues - one I am so guilty of!

Because where we are in our lives is EXACTLY where we need to be!!!

Every step we take, every action that moves us forward is building the foundation for our lives! Don't undermine it or crack that foundation by playing the comparison game! Our lives can't be compared to each other because our paths are completely different. Choose gratitude and thankfulness. Let's stop compromising our foundation with bullshit comparisons.

Note to self.