Ultimate Reset - Week 3: Restore

Ohhhhhhh I have been a slacker at updates...


Especially lately! The end of the month is always crazy as I try to wrap up my editing assignments to reach my target income goal, wrap up things at work, complete assignments and readings, etc. But that's no excuse.

day 15 & 16 - 1/26-27/2017

Since I didn't actually update you on my goings-on these days, I'll just tell you about what I ate and the general temptations I was dealing with...

Day 15

This was a pretty standard Ultimate Reset day. I was still loving having my fresh fruit breakfast! Mango might be my new favorite fruit. 

Lunch today was an amazing Asian cabbage salad (shown on the left below). That picture really doesn't do justice to how good this salad was! I loved it! I really reminded me of a salad that my grandma makes all the time, except she tops hers with crush top ramen noodles as a "crouton", if you will. This definitely might be the healthier version.

Then,  dinner was this amazingness pictured on the right below. Seriously - easiest dinner ever! And so good! A simple baked sweet potato and garlic veggies! Basically take the veggies you have and sauté them at medium high heat with garlic. Boom. 💥. That's it! For me, I used broccoli, onions, carrots and zucchini with a little bit of pepper. I even tossed my veggies with some Bragg Liquid Aminos...probably my favorite new discovery while I've been on this cleanse! 😃


Day 16

Fridays are always crazy for me with getting to lab as early as possible to set up experiments and then rush off to class. But I was still able to get in my fave breakfast of all this yummy fruit! I've still been loving kiwis and strawberries, but I threw in some apples and nectarines into this mornings breakfast.

Lunch was a microgreens salad, which I'm getting very bored with.

Dinner I wish I had remembered to take a picture of! It was this amazing curry roasted cauliflower. I didn't actually have curry seasoning, so I busted out some of curry-esque seasonings that I DO have, like cumin! Soooo good!

Tonight was interesting too because my friends came over for a girl's night movie night. They knew that I've been doing a cleanse, and I forewarned them that I likely wouldn't have enough food for them, and that they likely wouldn't want the food that I would be eating for dinner. So they brought themselves some sushi while I ate my curried cauliflower. They were amazingly supportive...especially when I asked them to please not eat things like pizza or drink wine in front of me! ;-)

Seriously people, never thing you can't do something like this because there will be too much temptation or there will be lack of support from your friends and loved ones. If these people are truly your loved ones, and you express how important this is to you, they'll accommodate and support you! Seriously. 

Day 17 - 1/28/2017

I actually set an alarm this morning so that I would wake up and get my stuff done. Wow. I must be on top of my shit today! But seriously, it's a lot easier than you think to wake up and get your shit done, even on a Saturday, if you have something to look forward to in the morning! This fruit platter has been just that for me.

(a few days later...)

I jinxed myself on the whole on-top of things bit. Especially when it came to updates....

Saturday was crazy busy running errands, making food, going into lab, doing edits, etc. Let's just say updating you become a low priority.

Lunch today was a really yummy Moroccan shredded carrot medley on greens. It was surprisingly good! 

Dinner was roasted squash with green beans. It was supposed to be delicata squash, but I couldn't find that so butternut squash it was!

Just being a juvenile eating my asparagus and broccoli dinner with my fingers! 

Just being a juvenile eating my asparagus and broccoli dinner with my fingers! 

DAY 18 - 1/29/2017

Today served as one of those important reminders that when I stay busy, I am MUCH more inclined not to bored eat. It was hard today, for sure, because I was at home all day working on edits. I had some spoonfuls of almond butter that I shouldn't have had, but my biggest cheat today? COFFEE. COFFEE. COFFEE.

I think if ANYTHING has been difficult for me during this process it's been giving up coffee. I'm a Seattle girl, and I just love coffee! It doesn't even really have anything to do with needing it, though I know that on occasion, coffee is a little habitual for me. But, because I had so much editing work to and other work to do today, I definitely had more than one cup of coffee. I tell myself, though, that if this is my "cheat" that it could be a lot worse.

Day 19 - 1/30/2017

Fortunately, for me, today's lab meeting had no treats! Thank goodness! Our weekly lab meetings are one of the times when I'm REALLY tempted. We have anything from bagels and cream cheese, which I love, to cookies, pastries, etc. Basically all of the bad carbs that I really miss, and probably shouldn't eat, but I'm human and I love.

Breakfast: FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT! I eat a lot of fruit on this program...I kind of love it! ;-)

Lunch: A BIG bowl of heart miso soup...because I didn't want to eat another salad today. So I made extra vegetable miso soup and ate that instead.

Dinner: more of those yummy roasted beats that I loved before, coconut collard greens (I'm not really a fan), and what was supposed to be baked tempeh, but because I couldn't find tempeh ANYWHERE, I had one vegan burger patty instead.

Day 20 - 1/31/2017

GUYS THERE WERE DONUTS IN THE OFFICE TODAY! Oh my goodness, thank god I didn't have to go to the printer too many times!!! They were just sitting there calling out to me. See...even after all this, that temptation is still there. But, honestly, for me it's only there when the food is staring me in the face. If it's not around, for the most part I don't really think of things like that.

I was telling my friend the other day that I think the most difficult things for me to give up during this cleanse have been...Coffee, cheese, beer & wine, and french fries (or other similar carb related things...). For a girl that has always thought her sweet tooth was her biggest enemy, I'm finding that other than the sugar withdrawals during week 1, sugar hasn't been to big of a problem.

Breakfast: Fruit - mangoes, kiwis, and strawberries

Lunch: Jicama avocado salad! SO GOOD! And with this kind of fun, sweet dressing! I wish my picture did it better justice...you'll just have to imagine how yummy it looked!

Dinner: Asian stir fry! There's something yummy about perfectly cooked veggies with a little bit of Asian seasoning and just a slight bit of char! I'm a total fan. 

Day 21 - 2/1/2017 - LAST DAY!

OH MY GOD!! It's the last day! I'm not going to lie, part of me really can't believe how good I've done on this program. I thought it would be really hard for me to not have snacks at work, chocolate or other crap at home. I cheated. Don't get me wrong! But my cheats were things like almond butter and coffee. That's not bad at all if you ask me! I'll post a fun collage of all my food at the end of the day.

Breakfast: Fruit - mangoes, kiwi, strawberries

Lunch: Greek salad with pine nuts, because I didn't have the ingredients for the seaweed carrot medley thing.


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