Ultimate Reset - Week 2: Release

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I'm excited to head into week 2! A little change of pace from week 1, new recipes, new supplements, and new changes in my body!

You might be wondering what's different between week 1 and week...

Basically, the first phase of the reset is about aligning your body and gradually removing foods. Week 2, Release, is about release some of the toxicity system using a detoxifying process (and a new supplement appropriately called detox! Also, we're switching up the diet this week and going FULL VEGAN! This ought to be interesting...

Day 8 - 1/19/2017

Oh my gosh the detox drink is SO much better than Power Greens! When I started the week, I was a little nervous that this drink would be gritty and taste-less, and as soon as I poured it, I got excited. It looks a lot like the Fiber Sweep used in the 3 Day Refresh, and though that drink is gritty, it has a bit of a citrus-y flavor that I can definitely get behind. Low and behold, I think I was right! It's not exactly something that would be my go-to drink, but I don't grimace when I drink it like I do with Power Greens! I can stomach drinking that 3 times a day! :-)

Food today was:


Breakfast: a BIG plate of fruit - mangoes, cantaloupe, apples, and blueberries.

Lunch: Another microgreens salad...not gonna lie, I might get sick of this if I eat it too much.

Dinner: Steamed zucchini, boiled green beans with EVOO and lemon and brown rice and beans in a wonderful paprika cumin seasoning.

Day 9 - 1/20/2017

All I want is a beer and a burger....

I guess that's what I get for scanning through people's instagrams of their vacations and yummy eats. Seemingly everyone one my feed has had a gargantuan, fantastic looking burger in the last 48 hours, and I'm over here like "alright, let's enjoy another microgreen salad with peppers, jicama, and cucumbers..." Super exciting stuff haha...

I did "cheat" for the first time last night. But, you know, I gotta say, if that's as bad as my "cheating" gets on this program, then I'm freaking proud of myself. I thought I'd go for a bunch of extra fruit, which would be my MO, since I'm a sugar-a-holic. But instead, while watching movies last night, I just found myself wanting something crunchy and salty, like popcorn, to accompany my movie. But instead of going for some buttery popcorn, I had some extra toasted pumpkin seeds with my big bottle of water. Not bad at all am I right?

Breakfast: a BIG plate of fruit - mangoes, cantaloupe, apples, and KIWI just for some variety! And it was soooooo good!

Lunch: Another microgreens salad...again...and some beans and rice! The good, nicely seasoned one that I had for dinner the other day. 

Dinner: Probably one of my favorite new dinner recipes to come out of this cleanse so far...Roasted Red Pepper and sweet potato stew! YUMMMMM! And some baked asparagus, which is always a winner in my book. 

Day 10: 1/21/2017


So much good food today! My belly is so happy!!! 😊

Breakfast - a fruit platter of mango, cantaloupe, and kiwis

Lunch - leftover sweet potato and roasted red pepper soup with a Greek salad

Dinner - lentil and quinoa pilaf with steamed broccoli 😋

t's always amazing to me how it's harder to stay on track for me when I'm by myself than when I'm with other people. Perhaps it's because I'm more conscious of more focused when I know I will be with others and there will be temptations. However, when I'm by myself, oftentimes I'm a little lackluster. Today was kind of like that. I'm happy to say I didn't cheat, but being home all day myself editing definitely meant I was tempted to just raid my cupboards.  

DAY 11: 1/22/2017

Guess who was a busy little bee yesterday...this girl! Sorry no live blogging, bout you can still see a snap shot of my eats on the right below! 

Breakfast: fruit platter, Lunch: lentil pilaf and cucumber tomato salad

Dinner: heart vegetable miso soup


DAY 12: 1/23/2017

You know what...there were a lot of wins today that I was proud of. Like turning down bagels at lab meeting (which I LOVE!), and not snacking on M&M's and other sugary goodies when I met with my collaborator. And I'm super proud of those wins...

But I keep beating myself up for the couple scoops of almond butter I cheated with tonight. And I don't know why! I mean, I had a lot of wins today! I can't just beat myself up for my one little slip up, or think: "I'm going to punish myself with the nasty power greens drink I forget to drink this afternoon." Ugh...Ellyn this isn't about punishment. This is about my body deserving better. I still have those fights with myself guys. I really do. All the time. I am definitely one of those people that all I want out of life is to be able to eat anything and everything I want and still look good. Like screw true love - that's what I want! Haha.

So, I'm struggling with a little of that inner turmoil right now! But otherwise, I'm super proud of today!

My eats are shown above on the right!

Breakfast: kiwis and mango with some apples Lunch: Leftover hearty miso soup with a microgreens salad (not gonna lie - I'm really sick of this salad!)

Dinner: Mediterranean baked beets with coconut broccoli and onions (was supposed to be collard greens but I couldn't find any)

9 days to go...

DAY 13: 1/24/2017

Oops - no updates! Sorry, this girl has been busy!

DAY 14: 1/25/2017

After tonight, it will be officially 2 weeks down! 2 WEEKS on this Ultimate Reset!!! Only 1 more to go!

This has been a BIG test for me and you know what...I'm really proud of myself! My "cheats" have been things like having a cup of coffee (which isn't really a cheat), and having a little extra almond butter of a fete extra roasted pumpkin seeds. That's it!!!

My cheats typically?!? A beer or wine or candy or popcorn or ice cream... 😳😳

So am I proud of myself?! Eff yes I am!!

I was chatting with my girl Kristin tonight and she asked me if I've noticed any changes. And I immediately started off listing the physical changes that I was or wasn't seeing on this program. But you know what...the physical changes aren't REALLY why I did this. Though not having sugar cravings is huuuuge for me...

I did this because I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to challenge myself to follow this program as perfectly as possible. I wanted to challenge myself to give up my vices. I wanted to see what my body would do, how it would handle the change. I wanted to see if mentally I could handle having some of my go to "I'm sad and need a pick-me-up (aka food and wine)" taken away from me! And you know what?! I'm doing freaking great and I'm proud of myself!

Sometimes it's about doing the thing that you cannot see yourself doing. Where your first thought is "oh HELL no I can't do that..." just cuz it's so fun to see what you actually are capable of!

Now if I could only apply that same logic to the pole dancing class Kristin wants to take... 😳😉😂

Today's eats were beautifully colorful and included:

Breakfast: Fruit, including strawberries, kiwis and nectarines, to mix things up!

Lunch: A microgreen salad (not pictured)

Dinner: Roasted corn and edamame succotash with lemon kale (and the squash I forgot to eat at lunch!)