Simple & 21 Day Fix-Approved Greek-Inspired Salad

Who said that nutrition has to be complicated?

Even on 21 Day Fix, many people (like me! I'm guilty too!) post these elaborate 21 Day Fix-approved, healthy recipes for people to make! But, sometimes the simplest, easiest recipe is the MOST effective and delicious thing you can eat!

I posted this salad on Instagram and Facebook late last week and it BLEW UP! I mean, I have never had a response to a post on Facebook like I did to this recipe post, and it was amazing to me because it is one of the simplest things I have made thus far for lunch! 

Basically, my lunch time salad needed a face lift! I was sick of the kale/greens, hard-boiled egg and dressing! So I started looking for something different! I found this idea for a Greek-inspired stuffed pita, but I found myself WAY too lazy to actually stuff my pita. 

So, one morning, at the start of what I knew would be another exhausting, long day - one that would probably require a glass of wine at the end -  I very lazily took all of the ingredients that should have been stuffed in my pita, and just threw it in a bowl! 

And voila! 

Greek-inspired, 21 Day Fix-Approved Salad...

What you need:

  • Tomato (probably two large tomatoes)
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 container Low-fat feta cheese
  • Grilled chicken tenders
  • Lemon (optional)  - Lemon juice is a a great finisher and "dressing" for this salad, if you so desire. It probably doesn't need it, but it was my favorite way to enjoy it! :-)


  • Chop the 3 veggie components up and through the mixture into a larger bowl. I prepped this on Sunday and kept this handy for the rest of the week.
  • Combine 2 greens of veggie mixture with 1 red of chicken (probably about 1 chicken tender), and one blue of feta cheese in a smaller bowl (a tight sealing tupperware is best for a portable meal.)
  • Lastly, squeeze a little bit of lemon onto the salad and toss.

That's seriously it! It was THAT simple!

Who said clean eating has to be complicated?!