#MotivationMonday - You are a Badass & Massive, Uncomfortable ACTION

For those of you that don't follow me on social media, you should know that I am ALL about Motivation Monday! I personally believe that if you start your week in dread and negativity, as we all tend to do on Mondays, you're setting yourself up for a crappy week! And who wants that?!

Each Monday, on Instagram and Facebook, I share something for motivation Monday! Whether it's a quote with a lesson, a motivation video from Mateusz M (my favorite!) or some other motivational YouTube account, etc. And, of course, I share motivation in my challenge groups!

But, lately, in my challenge groups I've been taking a different approach to motivation monday by recording a video of me reading a passage that I found to be profound, inspiring, or motivating! I like to share my personal development reading anyway, but sometimes that's hard when it's a big, long passage like this! Not everyone has the book, and it's hard to navigate through your audiobook to find a specific passage! 

Plus, with a video, you can just plug in your head phones and listen while you look through your calendar or to-do lists for the day, as I like to do!

So, I've decided I'm going to start sharing these videos here too! And here's the first one...

Massive, uncomfortable Action from "You are a badass" By: Jen Sincero