How to Make a Great Green Smoothie!


I'm obsessed with smoothies! My drinking Shakeology definitely has something to do with it, but it's so nice in the morning instead of making some labor intensive or boring breakfast to just through some good ingredients in a blender and whip yourself up a delicious,portable breakfast! Overall, it takes less time for me to make a smoothie purely because I can bring it with me when I travel to lab in the morning!  Having cereal or a yogurt isn't nearly as convenient,especially when I'm trying to rush out in the morning after my workout!

So, I thought I would share what I've found works really well for me for making my morning smoothie, which I even have on the weekends nowadays!  This post in particular is about making agreen smoothie! It can me so much trickier to get that nice, smooth texture once you start adding in greens, like spinach! The first few times I made my smoothies, they tasted great, but there were these unsightly and unappetizing chunks and strings of spinach that did everything but add to my enjoyment of drinking my smoothie! So, below I have compiled a lit of things to know to make a really good smoothie! I've also included a recipe that I stole from my upline Beachbody coach! :-)

Things to Know:

  • Get a Blender!  The higher power of blender you have, the better your smoothie will be blended! These usually range from $50-$100 and even as much as $400, with the lower power (but still fully functional) blenders costing more in the range from $30-$70.  So if you're not in the market for a new blender, that is totally fine! You'll just need to do some other things to make your smoothie smooth, which I've highlighted below!
  • Liquid component first. This allows for the liquid to form a vortex and pull the other, solid ingredients into it so that they can be better combined.  It's a good idea to do this for both low and high powered blenders, but particularly for low powered blenders!
  • Chop up your greens! This is especially important if you don't have a higher powered blender (like me!)
  • Add your frozen component last! This might be just ice, or maybe you're using frozen fruit! I personally love frozen bananas to add a little bit of creaminess to your smoothie as well as a subtle, tropical flavor!  This is also a good idea because it pushes down your lighter ingredients, like your greens, closer to the blade so that they'll get better combined!
  • Lastly, once you've gotten all your ingredients in,pulse the blender a few times before turning it on all the way. I usually use my ice crush button to do this! This starts to get your other ingredients pulled toward the bottom so that they'll get nice and chopped up instead of pushed away from the blender blade!  Once you've done that, start you blender on LOW and then crank it up to HIGH after a bit to really get those last few chunks of ice and greens blended down smooth!

That's really it! It's super easy! Then throw your shake it a portable container--I love my Shakeology bottle--and voila! You've got a delicious, portable breakfast to start your day off right! :-) I've included some recipes below (one to start off with, and I plan to add more later!):

Greenberry Coffee Kickstart
-1C of drip Coffee (at whatever strength you desire)
-1/2 C of nut milk (I like Almond and coconut milk)
-Handful of chopped spinach (You can use other greens if you wish, but I like spinach because it's softer and it blends well)
-1 scoop of Greenberry Shakeology
-1 tsp of PB2 powdered peanut butter
-7-8 large ice cubes
Blend and Enjoy!

Berry Delicious ShakeO:
-1.5C of almond milk
-Handful of chopped greens
-1 scoop of Strawberry Shakeology
-a handful of frozen mixed berries - add more of these for a thicker, fruitier shake
-2-3 large ice cubes
Blend and Enjoy!

For other smoothie recipes, check out my Shakeology Recipe Share!

Happy Blending!