How to not live according to the "plan"

Ever see that meme: "I'm at the age where half of my friends are getting married and having babies, while the other half are too drunk to find their phones?"

Personally though, I feel like I'm awkwardly in between these two stages. Wanting a relationship, to get settled down, buy a house and to have a kick ass career I love that is making me bank.

And yet, I just left my graduate program early, I'm no where near buying a house or settling down. I guess I always thought 27 would look a LOT different. And yet 90% of the time I feel like I'm wandering around saying: "What the actual eff am I doing with my life?"

So far there's been a lot of guess-and-check, trial and error, years of trying to fit in, and a whole shit ton of self discovery. And along the way it's been super hard to not look at other people and envy where they are at and what they're doing. 

All I knew was this...I wanted a life that lit me up.

I want a life that I was fucking excited to wake up to every day, doing something that allowed me to help people in a bigger, more direct, more impactful way. I want control of what I spent my time doing, when I come and go. I want to travel the world, see insane and incredible beauty, taste new foods, and meet new people.

I see something different for my life than what I had been doing, something more, and something that I couldn't entirely put my finger on what that was. I just knew that something was missing. That I wasn't supposed to feel the way I did about my life. For everything I was doing right, I still felt like my life was completely out of whack, out of balance.

I never knew a freaking discount on a shake would change so much. . Becoming a coach and the years that have followed made me finally feel like I am becoming the person I always saw myself being. I feel like I am on the way to doing what I was supposed to be doing, living my best life, and doing something that mattered.

Being a coach was never part of my life plan. In fact, I probably would've laughed at it way back when. But, you know what always was? Being happy, passionate, and fulfilled in what I was doing with my life. And because this damn coaching opportunity lead me to question my personal status quo I'm on my way to finding that.

Sometimes it's not about the 5-year plan. I don't have one anymore. But I have a vision. I know what I want to feel in my life. I can see it.

Sometimes it's not about what or how. It's that even bigger WHY. And hell, I know that feeling of wanting to give up. Of just saying "eff this. That's just how it is. It's not mean to be." But, I'm telling you don't let that stop you.

You're meant for bigger and better things.
You're meant to achieve that vision you see for yourself so vividly in your mind.
You don't have to compromise.
You don't have to settle.
Do you. Do life your way.
Cuz there's no other way to do it! 😉👊🏻