Healthy for the Holidays - Tips & Tricks

I generated this list of tips and tricks for my December Challenge group, and it just seemed like too useful of a list to not share! So, here you go my friends! Try some of these out! And feel free to comment below if you've got any other good tips that have worked for you.

Don’t skip meals. In an attempt to make room (and save calories) for that Holiday party later, you might skip lunch. But you’ll probably only end up eating more because you’re starving! Some tips? Have a small snack of vegetables before you head out to the party. Or, even better, try eating 4-6 SMALLER but more frequent meals during the day.

Survey party buffets before filling your plate. That way you can be more selective of what foods you have! Have some of your favorites and maybe skip over those snacks that you are less enthusiastic about!

Bring your own healthy dish to a Holiday get together. That way you can be SURE that there is at least something healthy for you to indulge in!

Avoid hovering by the appetizer table. My friend posted this on Facebook the other day and it has stuck with me. A person was observed lingering near an appetizer table two hours before the meal began, and in that two hours over 1200 calories worth of appetizers! Before the meal! So, choose to mingle away from the appetizer table and you’ll save on calories

Chew some gum. Chewing gum actually tricks your body into thinking you’re eating. So, chew some 15 minutes before hitting up the appetizers to cut down on appetizer intake!

Plan to exercise. This might seem obvious but if you don’t PLAN WHEN you’re going to exercise, you’re probably NOT going to exercise! FAIL TO PLAN AND YOU PLAN TO FAIL!

Bring snacks everywhere. Long hours of Christmas shopping means that you WILL inevitably get hungry! So, bring some snacks with you! Apples, carrots, celery, and nuts are all great, portable options!

Treat that meal as your reward. Organize an active activity, like a Holiday Run, OR a group Beachbody workout. Then you can all reward yourself with a delicious meal, WITHOUT the guilt!

Eat slower. One of the biggest reasons why we all overeat is because we’re eating too quickly for our brain to relay the “I’m full” signal, which usually takes about 15-20 minutes. So, eat slower and stop when you’re satisfied, not stuffed!

Hydrate. Have a water bottle with you all the time, and DRINK UP BUTTERCUP! Most of the time we mistake “thirsty” signals for “hungry” signals. So quench that thirst with water, and you’ll avoid overeating too!

Stock your freezer. Either pre-made or recipes you’ve whipped up and frozen—stocking your freezer full of healthy meals is a GREAT way to ensure healthy eating during the busy holiday season!

Organize fun activities, instead of ones that revolve around eating! Try sledding, snowboarding, skiing, hiking, OR just walking and looking at Christmas lights! Get our and get active!

 BE REALISTIC! You’re probably not going to lose tons of weight over the holidays, but it definitely is realistic to maintain, and maybe even lose a couple if you’re dedicated! Focus on maintaining your healthy lifestyle!


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