Dare to Live Bigger & Better

Have you had a big dream, a BIG goal that you were pursuing, but that realistic voice in your head shot it down?

I know a lot of people that have BIG dreams.
Be a full-time photographer, so they can make money with my passion, and be there for their family.
Write a book and tour the world sharing their story and how others can overcome loss.
Work for the CDC, traveling the nation stopping helping to control the spread of disease.
Be the next Tony Robbins.
Those are all BIG DREAMS, and some of these people who have told me their dreams are pursuing them...
And some are not.
Some are letting their EXCUSES win out...
And some are not.

Well, I have a big goal too! 😃 To be 9-to-5-less...

If my mom says, "Let's go wine tasting!" I want to be able to GO with her!
If my grandma wants to go golfing, I want to be able to drive her golf cart! (Cuz let's face it...I don't golf! Lol)
If it's beautiful out, and my girl Rachel calls me and wants to go hiking, I want to GO!

And I know that a lot of people would think I'm crazy to want that.
They probably have already scoffed at it.
And trust me, there's a constant voice in my head that says "Ha. Dare to dream. That shit is not going to happen. Suck it up. This is life."
But that's my goal.
And it's going to fucking happen.

Life is not about FINDING yourself, it's about CREATING yourself.
It's about CREATING the life you want.
It's about not only DARING to DREAM, but about DARING TO BELIEVE in the dreams that you have and that they can actually happen.
It's about LIVING BIGGER & BETTER each and every day.