All about those Small Daily Actions, Boss

In case you're not a Seahawks fan, the "boss" was in honor of Marshawn Lynch! Because <3...

But seriously though...

Sometimes we forget when we're striving toward a goal that it's not about those sporadic efforts where you absolutely crush it.

Those days are great - don't get me wrong!

But what's more important is those consistent actions! Showing up every day for your business, your fitness, your faith, your personal growth, your family!

I mean, you wouldn't tell your kids, "Hey sorry I haven't been around to take care of things the last few weeks, but I crushed it today so it's all good", right?!?

We wouldn't be able to skip going to our job for 2 weeks and then show up one day and say, "ya but I was SO on the ball today!" You wouldn't have a job!!!

So why the HELL are we settling for that in the rest of our lives? Our fitness? In our nutrition? In our business? In our goals? It's one of those "Note to Self" moments, isn't it? It's a truth bomb! And I need to hear it as much as anyone!

It's about doing those small, DAILY activities!

It's about making showing up as much of a habit as brushing your teeth! It's about not missing a day! It's about having your "off" days be LESS COMMON than your "on" days!

That's the shit that matters! That's the shit that will give you the life you want!!! 

So is today going to be a day that you crush your goals, or a day where you half ass things?!

Decide now. 

Commit now.

And never forget that your goals are worth it.