Finals, Holidays, and Getting back into the groove...


And I had a freaking GREAT last few weeks!

The holidays back home with my family were incredible! We drank, dined, watched football, went to a little German town near home called Leavenworth, went snowshoeing with my good friend, got to see my team, among MANY other things...

I mean just check out these pics!

lovin' the holidays collage.jpg

I basically had no desire to leave and head back to the grind of departmental commitments and presentations, and, as luck would have it, an illness that seemingly would never end...

Needless to say, blogging hasn't really been a priority! But I'm back and I'm back with a vengeance! Haha

...and I'm so ready to kick this year off! I already have so much to share!

Get ready for TONS of content coming your way!

Keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Completion of my Half Marathon series
  • TONS of recipes
  • A Review of the Daily Greatness Journal - which as of today I have been using for about a month
  • A Review of the organizational system called Getting Things Done - as created by David Allen
  • And potentially a comical (and hopefully insightful!) new series about my adventures with Online Dating!


Get ready and stay tuned for tons of awesome content, coming your way!