REAL Women Empower

This morning on my way into work, I watched a woman in the elevator roll her eyes at the conversation two other women were having. And it reminded me of a situation that happened over the weekend...

Anna and I were having a beer together in the airport, and we started talking about low stress "jobs" that would be a fun experience to have temporarily. Like being a barista so we could learn how to make lattes! And as we were talking, I overheard a girl behind me say, "Oh my god - are you listening to this conversation?" in that really scoffy, judge-y tone that girls use. You know what I'm talking about.

My defenses and all those shame triggers related to ambition and job title went off in my head. And I said-loud enough for her to hear - "Wow! Don't judge!" I wanted to go off on her. I had painted this vivid picture of what she must have thought of me. That I was spoiled rotten 20-something who'd never worked a day in her life reminiscing about a life without responsibility. That I didn't pay for my flight, my suitcase, or any of the clothes on my back. But I realized, that girl knows nothing about my life, me, what I do, or what I've done. And because of that she has absolutely no right to judge me. Absolutely NO ONE has that right. But that doesn't mean they won't judge. Women are very good at that. And it's a damn shame.

For the first time in a long time, I had a first hand reminder of the judgement of women. And ultimately it made me SO freaking thankful that my life has been abundantly filled with empowering women who don't and WON'T judge me.

So think about that when you're relating to other people - are you going to empower or judge?Are you going to perpetuate the cycle? REAL women EMPOWER each other. They allow each other to dream crazy dreams and follow their hearts without making the other person feel small or that they're less than what they are. Cultures are changed not with any single big act, but small acts repeated over and over again. Your actions do matter. Make sure they're inspiring and empowering.