Embrace the Skin You're In!

I shared this yesterday for Wellness Wednesday, and, well - I thought it was important that I share this here as well...

Alright - Disclaimer - I'm about to get vulnerable about something I'm very self conscious about...So if you're gonna read this at all READ THE WHOLE THING.

I was talking about this in my challenge group a couple hours ago and I realized, even after all this time coaching I am STILL really uncomfortable sharing pictures of me in a sports bra. I have never worn just a sports bra in front of anyone because my belly makes me uncomfortable. IT's been a point of self consciouness for me since I was a kid. BUT, recently, I have started working out in my sports bra and I have found TREMENDOUS value in that...because I think somehow it has made me more comfortable in my body.

We're told a lot about how we're supposed to look. It's no wonder ANY person has body self consciouness. If you're not a fitness model, then everyone has something to say. And I'm definitely no fitness model - so sharing is definitely scary! But what I've found is that to love the skin your in, you need to get comfortable with SEEING the skin your in. So, I have started to workout in my sports bra. And silly as it may sound, it has helped me see that, though I'm imperfect, I have a hell of a lot to be proud of.

Hell ya I still want to have a rocking six pack, but that's not as important to me as me just being able to rock a sports bra with confidence! Not just in my living room, but out in the world. To own my body whether it's perfect or not and I'm getting REALLY close to having that. But this is a journey. And it's got it's ups and downs. But I'm still plugging away! And that's all that matters.

So, bottom line -Do something for you, whatever works, that will help you learn to love your body! Sleep naked, workout in a tight tank instead of a baggy one, buy a bikini instead of a one piece. If you hide yourself behind baggy shirts even when you're working out, you're hiding FROM yourself. And that's not fair. Appreciate all you are - flaws and all. Because no matter where we are on our journey, there IS so much to love about the skin we're in. And the moment we starting appreciating that, the moment nothing else about this process matters. All that matters is taking what we have, who we are, and how we're built and making it our BEST version yet.