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announcement: month 4 - “self-compassion” is live!

Also - You can now add on past growth tribe academy content for a one-time fee! click here!



Growth Tribe Monthly will be a members-only section of this site where you will be provided with new content each and every month! This will be in the form of video content, downloads, podcasts and so much more all on the same theme over the course of the mont!

There will also be bonus trainings, podcast episodes, and a community that each and every person can join! 

We’re kicking things off in February 2019!

Bonus Materials...

I promise ya’ll bonuses - here they are!

life evaluation excel download

life evaluation word document download

healthy life handbook pdf download

my “take back your life” online program*

*Note: The Take Back Your Life Program is ONLY available to current Academy Members


Frequently Asked Questions...


+ My first charge on my credit card was not what I was expecting. Is there something wrong with my payment?

Thanks so much for asking and I know this might be confusing as we get started. The billing date is set for the 5th. So, when you first sign up, your credit card will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of that month. After the first month, you will be charged the normal rate.

The same goes for the annual membership. Your first charge will be a prorated amount for the first charge and then will renew at the normal rate.

+ How do I access the Facebook Community?

Great question! The Facebook community can be found here!

Depending upon when you joined the Academy, some of the content might be expired content that you don't have access to. But...the Academy has been recently updated so that you can ADD ON any of the content that you missed and would like access to! Click here to access the Add-on Menu!

+ When are the live calls?

The live calls are tentatively planned to be on the last Tuesday of every month. I'll do my best to cater to you all and there might be weeks where I need to change or reschedule the LIVE call. For update to date annoucements and schedules in regards to the LIVE calls, definitely check out the Facebook community here.

Tentative schedule: March 26th at 12pm PST - "Boundaries" LIVE Call; April 30th at 12pm PST - Topic TBD; May 28th - Topic and time TBD

+ When is new content released?

New content will be released every month on the 5th!

+ How do I make a suggestion for content I'd like to see covered?

I'm so glad you're interested in contributing. Definitely head here to send me a message, or better yet, head to the Facebook community to see who else would be interested in hearing about that topic as well!