Finding MORE in Life & in 2019


Have you ever wondered if there’s “more” for you in this life? It’s a complicated question. A question that you may resist, but it’s also a question that, if you listen to it, can help you to make some HUGE changes in your life! But, so often we get stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated. How do we identify how to start creating MORE in our lives? Where the hell do we even start? Well, today I want to teach you a tool that I love, that I use every quarter and that I use with every client to help you identify JUST THAT! Enjoy!


what we talked about in this episode:

  • The desire to find more and how we have to listen to this voice in our heads.
  • The overwhelm of not knowing where to place our focus.
  • Identifying where to place your intention and your focus. You can find out more about the tool I teach here.
  • The necessity of living our one life to the fullest.



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