Manifesting for Results in Life with Barbara Cameron


The first time I was introduced to affirmations + manifesting, I was probably like a lot of you. I thought they were complete and utter BULLS***. In today’s episode, I’m sitting down with my friend Barbara Cameron, a renaissance woman of many passions and aspiring travel photographer, about how she’s used intentional language and affirmations to manifest some incredible experiences in her own life, what so many of us do wrong when it comes to affirmations and ultimately the role that our language plays in shifting our mindset and our paradigms! I hope you enjoy it!
Key Takeaways from this episode:
  • Consistency is so important with affirmations/manifesting, just like everything else. Not just consistency in using your affirmations, but also consistency in exposing yourself to the material
  • Positive tense and present tense in your affirmations – “I’m not eating junk food” becomes “I love eating healthy, nutritious foods and how they nourish my body”
  • Focusing your affirmations on the paradigm that you most need to shift
  • To get started, check out Thinking into Results (linked below), pick up a book on affirmations/manifesting, or check out Jack Canfield’s challenge (linked below)
  • E (Events ) + R (Our response) = O (Outcome) – We don’t have control over the events or the outcome, the only thing we can change is our response


  • Check out Barbara’s website and photography – here
  • Follow Barbara Cameron on Instagram for her travel photography – here
  • Thinking into Results course – here
  • You2 by Price Pritchett – here
  • Jack Canfield 10 Day Transformation series – here



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