The Magic of Self-Help & Learning to Learn Ft. Flavius Popan


If there’s anyone in my Remote Year Community that is as MUCH of a personal growth nerd as I am, it’s this dude right here! And damn was this a fun conversation. About how personal growth taught him to love learning and empowered him to look at learning differently as an adult than he ever did as a kid, how knowledge is like Harry Potter, teaching him new spells and tools that can transform his life just like magic would, imposter syndrome and how it showed up for him, failure in entrepreneurship, whether or not you can actually outgrow personal growth…and all the nerdy references you could ever desire! Loved this convo and the lessons in it! I hope you enjoy it! 

Also, shout out to my girl Kathleen for the epic-ness of this audio! It’s so good!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Ardoroute – Flavius Popan’s Website – here
  • Follow Flavius on Instagram – here
  • Barbara Oakley’s Course on Coursera: “Learning to Learn” – here
  • “A Mind for Numbers” By: Barbara Oakley – here
  • “Ego is the Enemy” By: Ryan Holiday – here



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