Creating Freedom in Work + Life with Kelly Barnard


Sometimes the biggest and best thing we can do for ourselves is give to set boundaries and to give ourselves permission to create our lives for ourselves and not for other people. To dig into that, I had the opportunity to sit down with Kelly Barnard, a marketing consultant, career coach and, of course, a Remote Year Citizen, to talk about all things freedom. When she realized that her career at a marketing agency wasn’t giving herself the freedom that she craved. So, she left her stable and secure marketing career to start her own business, travel the world, and step into the world of coaching. We talk all about how this process and this journey gave her freedom in her life and, ultimately, how she helps her clients create that freedom as well. Enjoy!


Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability – purchase here
  • Kelly Barnard on LinkedIn – view here
  • Kelly Barnard’s Canvas Consulting Group – view here



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