El Ateneo Grand Splendid. Otherwise known as the most amazing bookstore I’ve ever been inside of. We were only here for maybe 20-30 minutes. But that’s really all you need. All you need to do is just duck inside and look around at this converted theater turned into one of the top 10 bookstores in the word. It’s majestic. Breathtaking even to think that this incredible building is now the home to the equivalent of a Borders. How lucky the people are that work here and get to see this incredible building everyday. If you want, maybe stay for a quick lunch and/or a coffee and attempt to find the small section of this store that is actually in English, but otherwise, just soak up the incredible beauty that is this building.

Floralis Generica. Floralis Generica is a huge metal sculpture situated within walking distance of La Recoleta cemetery. It’s an aesthetically beautiful sculpture, partially because of the reflecting pool that the sculpture sits in. But what makes it especially cool is that it opens and closes depending upon the time of day. Starting at sunrise, the flower opens (“…is reborn”), fully opens at mid-day and then closes again, becoming fully closed at night. This mechanism also protects the flower, automatically closing it in strong winds! If you can on your future trip to BA, because you know you want to go now, try to visit the flower and multiple times of day to see it at it’s different stages!

Incredible music. One of the absolute highlights of my time in Buenos Areas was going to an open mic night where we got to hear a number of local musicians perform covers and original songs. Literally not one person that sang that night was bad. They were all amazing! Including our two RY representatives, Travis and Laura (who sang and rapped, respectively).

Tigre & the Argentinian Delta. One of our track events (ie. events that Remote Year organizes for us to do) was to head to the Argentinian river delta. We left early on Saturday and took a bus to Tigre, where we took a water taxi into the delta. It was everything you would think a river delta would be, except for the fact that it’s extraordinarily developed. I was expecting something akin to the Everglades. But, that wasn’t the case. yes, there were offshoots of the river branching every which way, but on each little offshoot, there were houses on stilts with their own little dock, kayak and canoe rack, and the odd boat here and there. Once we arrived into the delta, we had about a 10-15 minute walk along the trails to Inez & Julian’s place! They had canoes, a dock off which we could go swimming, and the cheapest wine I bought in the entirety of my stay in Argentina! We ate, we drank, we swam, and we generally enjoyed a kickass day out on the delta. We even made plans to potentially invest in a Remote Year timeshare for this incredibly, lush, beauitful and peaceful place! I’m definitely still game for that plan!



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