Something you might not know about me is that I’m a MUSIC JUNKIE! I seemingly have a playlist for everything, and you kind of got a glimpse into that in my post Countdown to Race Day, on my old blog! I’m a firm believer in the transformative power of music, so I’m going to periodically start sharing my favorite playlists with you all on #MusicMonday!

This week? Well in the spirit of half marathon training and my last half marathon of the year coming up next Sunday – what better way to start my #MusicMonday posts than to share my Running Playlist?

I love this playlist because I feel like it’s the perfect balance of songs that are at a 10 minute mile pace, songs that are motivating, songs that pump me up, etc. As I’m running along, something always seems to come on that picks me back up, reminds me I can do it, or slows down my pace when I’m getting a little overzealous! Not that I usually shuffle this playlist – so it doesn’t play in this order usually! 🙂

This playlist is perfect for a casual run or to keep you motivated and feeling strong for a long run! So far I’ve taken it for a spin for 10 miles, which is 1 hour and 40 minutes, so it’s plenty long enough for big distances too! 

Enjoy! And keep your eyes peeled for more #musicmonday!



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