“Stop telling me I’m not good enough as I am.”

A few weeks ago, a girl posted that on Facebook.
She was sick and tired of people telling her to be bikini ready.
Or I guess, more specifically, about people posting about getting bikini ready.
“I already am” she said, and I don’t disagree.
Damn right, you’re sexy and totally bikini-ready just as you are.
We all are. We don’t NEED to do anything.
I know that. And I’m glad you do too.
But I also think that she’s missing the point.

Some people have so much confidence and comfort in their skin. Bikini season doesn’t daunt them.
That’s freaking fantastic, but that’s also not how all of us feel. 
Not all of us can step outside in essentially a birthday suit and strut our stuff.
That’s just not comfortable. That’s an insecurity for us.
Even having lost weight and grown as much as I have over the last couple years I sure as hell don’t feel comfortable all the time and its often difficult for me to muster confidence.
And I certainly don’t feel ready to rock a bikini like it’s nothing.
For me to feel that confidence, I need to be taking care of myself.
To be eating well, working out, but more importantly reading personal development.
My mind, more so than my body, has to be in the right place. 
Do we all need to do those things to feel like our kick ass awesome selves?
Maybe not. Nobody is saying that everyone needs that.
But I know so many other women out there who do.
That doesn’t make us more than or less than you. Just different.
So when you see someone talking about getting “bikini ready”, don’t feel offended.
They’re not talking to you. They’re talking to those of us that need that support.
Not because we don’t feel like we’re “enough” in the skin we’re currently in.
But because we feel BETTER when we take care of ourselves in those ways.

If there’s anything I’m a fan of in this world, it’s growth.
I’m pro-improving and pro-becoming our best selves.
We can interpret all this “bikini-ready” ish to be whatever we want.
But, bikini-clad or not, summer sundresses or fucking mumus
To me its about doing the things you need to do to be confident and comfortable in your skin.
To get your mind in the right place. To just own it, girl.



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