The ultimate reset is a healthy eating-focused, 3-week cleanse. It’s meant to be a challenge in resetting your system, both in terms of your pH balance in your digestive tract as well as getting your back to feeling regular. It’s broken up into 3 phases, as described below. 

Phase 1 is all about aligning your body and starting to remove food groups. In this week, it was dairy and red meat. Admittedly, the dairy was hard for me because I LOVE cheese! But the red meat wasn’t too bad! Red meat is a special occasion kind of thing for me, so I don’t eat it a ton! Especially because it is more expensive than poultry. Check out my Phase 1 Live Blog Here!

Phase 2 is the beginning of the detoxification process and includes some digestive support cleanses and supplements. It is also the beginning of the Vegan eating portion. I like meat, but the transition wasn’t too difficult because Phase 1 didn’t involve eating a lot of meat either. Check out my Phase 2 Live Blog Here!

Phase 3 was the most difficult phase for me. At this point, it’s basically all fruits and veggies. It’s basically all about maximizing the amount of nutrients you’re getting. Check out my Phase 3 Live Blog Here!

The Beachbody breakdown of these phases is shown below!


Culinary Boot camp.

I mentioned this in my week 1 live-blog, but this whole process was a Culinary Boot camp. And though it was fun to try new foods and eat with such diversity, but, overarchingly, it was just overwhelming. A lot of the foods were foods I’ve never eaten before, were kind of obscure or fancy, which made grocery shopping expensive, and oftentimes it took my going on multiple trips to multiple grocery stores, hunting up and down aisles, stumping grocery store employees to find a single ingredient. When you’re already doing something as challenging as making a drastic change to your eating habits as this may or may not be to someone, that was definitely an unwanted and overwhelming side effect of the ultimate reset eating plan. Sometimes, I just found myself throwing up my hands, saying “eff it,” and swapping in one of the other lunches or dinners from the other days.

Not working out.

I understand why you’re not supposed to workout on this program. As much as you’re eating, a lot of it is nutrient-dense, but low calorie food options and you’re really not taking in enough calories to workout. But, I really didn’t enjoy that aspect of this program, because for me, working out is a release and an escape from my day-to-day stresses. Not having that outlet REALLY took some getting used to and forced me to find some other outlets for my emotions. That being said…the not working out thing wasn’t all bad…



This might contradict my second “dislike”, but oh well. I struggle with not working out because I have it in my head that that is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. But, I have to say, I tend to over-do it with my workouts and I tend not to replenish my body very often. Resting has always been kind of taboo in my head. But once I could wrap my head around that this is a rest, and an opportunity to my body to rejuvenate, I came to really appreciate this break. I focused on stretching, drinking water, meditating, and doing things like the 3 Week Yoga Retreat and RomWod. And though it was really hard for me to do, I think it was also really good for me and my body.


Culinary boot camp made this process potentially more of a challenge than it should have been. However, I really enjoyed trying new foods! I have never before eaten beets. They looked gross and the fact that they turn your pee pink grossed me out even more. But they actually ended up being one of my favorite foods coming away from this challenge. I also had never eaten a Mango before. I only tried them because they were stupidly cheap at my grocery store, and now I am in LOVE! Favorite fruit status achieved!


Okay that is just a badass, awesome part of Beachbody in general. But it was incredible that they not only had a whole online community on the Ultimate Reset website, but I went on the #ultimatereset hashtag on Instagram, and was able to find a ton of other people that were doing the ultimate reset at the exact same time as me and that was awesome and so motivating to see other people going through it as well! 🙂


Now, because I don’t weigh myself anymore, we’re going to focus mainly on measurements. I also don’t have a ton of weight to lose anymore. So I’m not expecting my weight loss to be any sort of drastic. But I’m happy to say I did lose inches.

Pre-UR Measurements – Day 0:

Waist: 33.6″                                                 Hips: 39″

Arms 12.2″                                                  Legs: 23.1″

Post-UR Measurements – Day 21:

Waist: 32.875″ (-~.75″)                            Hips: 38 1/4″ (-.75″)

Arms 11″ (-0.8″)                                         Legs: 22″ (-1″)

I think it’s safe to say that I lost a little fluff which is great, because I don’t really think my before and after pictures look much different (hence not posting them!).


The best way I cant describe it is that before the reset when I had junk food, it was the norm for my body and it didn’t really feel bad. Now, since the rest, I have had a little candy to reward myself (I know – I shoudn’t have…), and my body feels a lot different the next morning. It feels almost lethargic and sick now just after a little bit of sugar and Ithink that says a lot about how eating really healthy can make you feel SO much better.

Now…The Ultimate Reset Awards!



Legitimately EVERY time I had this for breakfast, I genuinely looked forward to it. I loved getting to experiment with what I was having, buying whatever was on sale at my local Aldi. I think my favorites would have to be mango – fo sho! – and kiwis! It was way fun! And I learned how to cut a mango! 🙂


It’s nice when you’re doing a cleanse to have a hearty, filling recipe that you genuinely look forward to and this was one of those for me. Not only did I realize while making it that I could do the flippy thing in the pan while I was sauteeing my veggies, but it was just really delicious and hit the spot. Stir fry is one of those ways that I love eating vegetables because it just doesn’t feel like I’m being “oh so healthy!” It’s as delicious as it is healthy and I love that! 

Honorable Mention (HM): Lentil quinoa pilaf…I love lentils and I love quinoa, and I don’t know why I have never thought to put them together, but this was a delicious recipe and definitely super filling, which was great. In the last couple weeks, grains were few and far between in the eating plan, so this was a really yummy way to get them in.


Nothing fancy here, but I’m a salad girl. I love salads. I have them almost every day for lunch, and there were some fun little touches to this salad that were a) things I wouldn’t normally consider putting on a salad because they “cost too much,” but that add such a fun new flair to the salad. Like pine nuts and Kalamata olives. Plus, I love romaine, because unlike microgreens and arugula, it doesn’t get slimy when it gets old, which is something I just can’t handle. 

HM: Asian cabbage salad. I actually forgot that I took a picture of this! The day I had it for lunch, it did NOT survive long. I was analyzing data while eating lunch that day, and to say this salad was hitting the spot would be an understatement. The acidity of the dressing combined with the awesome crunch of the cabbage and the carrots…oh my gosh, heaven. It reminds me a lot of an asian cabbage salad my grandma makes! So that nostalgia was definitely appreciated!


Good old beans and rice! Throughout this program, this was something that I looked forward to! I had it plain and by itself in a bowl for dinner/lunch and wrapped in a tortilla with some great guacamole for dinner. Both times, it was amazing! I think a lot of it had to do with the seasoning that was used when I cooked it. A fun mix of cumin, paprika, and chili powder. So delicious!

HM: cucumber tomato salad with avocado. A super simple salad of chopped up tomato and avocado with some quinoa. Just cuz it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not awesome!


I am in love with this dish. Seriously. I wasn’t even looking forward to it when I got to it in the program because the regular Miso Soup had been SO disappointing. But this soup was amazing! It was chock full of amazing veggies, and that automatically made it deliciously filling. It was one of those ones that I was definitely going to keep around for later! 


MEDITERRANEAN Beets to be exact! I loved the combo of the freshness and the deliciousness of beets. I’m a beets convert. I’ve never had them before. I guess they always looked slimy to me, but they were fresh and refreshing and so so delicious. I wish I could put into words how much I enjoyed this. It’s definitely a new favorite food. I just need to try to figure out some different ways to eat them now!


This was one of those things that I kind of was very “meh” about when I first heard about it. Special soy sauce? Be serious. What is so cool about this? But these are YUMMY! And they do have a bit of a different nutrient profile than soy sauce. I was pleasantly surprised. This is going to be a new kitchen staple for me! 



Check out that picture below on the left. That was the look on my face when I had my last power greens. I did a freaking happy dance in the conference room at work after I drank it because I was so damn excited to be done drinking it. I thought I would get used to it by the time the cleanse was over. I didn’t.

I would like to note that I have had power greens before, but as a Shakeology boost where it is mixed in with and masked by fruits and chocolate and other yummy flavors. It never occurred to me that I would ever be asked to drink it straight. And oh my god was it difficult. Power Greens is basically powdered kale, spirulina, etc. All sorts of greens, that, yes, I know, are very good for you. But that is exactly what it tastes like. Powdered kale and spinach. Bleh. I hope I never have to drink it like that ever again.


There were a couple recipes when I first saw that ultimate Reset food guide that I was SUPER excited to try. They were fun, very different recipes, and I thought they sounded good and this one was definitely one of them! But, my goodness was I disappointed. The directions said to puree it until it was smooth. Well, I tried and tried and tried, and it never got smooth. Instead, I was left with this weirdly lumpy green mess of a soup that I could hardly stomach. It didn’t have much flavor to it either. Basically, the only way I could even remotely get it done was with a lot of salt.

HM: Sweet Potato and roasted red pepper stew (Pictured below, middle). This was another one of those recipes that I was excited for. Though it wasn’t as unappetizing as the Zucchini Almond Soup was, it was still pretty bland. I was quite disappointed. The regular miso soup is right up there as well along with the blandness. Fortunately, the Hearty Miso Soup that I described above was so good that it trumped them all.


This started off being a lunch that I looked forward to. There were so many fun things mixed in with the microgreens that made the salad so fun and fancy to the regular, pretty boring salads I tend to eat for lunch. But, what killed this salad was that they used it SO much throughout the program. Dude, seriously, swap in the Greek Salad a little more. Or the Tomato and cucumber salad for god sake! By the end of it, I just couldn’t do it anymore and swap in some of my other salad options, like the Greek Salad in place of it. 



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