I don’t know how I’ve managed to go so long with other another Veggetti-inspired recipe! This one is one I’ve been refining for a while! Refining, kind of turned into making every version of this possible. Oops! My bad!

At the same time, though, I think that’s the fun things about this recipe – it is so personalize-able! You can take the basic idea behind the recipe and use whatever ingredients you really want!

So, today’s dish is Veggetti Stir Fry with Cilantro Lime Chicken!

Basically, the jist is this! Take your favorite veggies – zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, etc. and make some veggie noodles out of them with your Veggetti! Then take your protein of choice, and marinate it with some teriyaki, soy sauce, and or lime. Stir Fry everything together – and voila! There’s your meal!

For simplicity’s sake, and the sake of providing you with an idea of a budget, I’m going to stick to the veggies that I used in this most recent round of this dish!

What do you need?

  • 2 Medium Zucchini
  • 1 Yellow Squash
  • 2 large Carrots
  • 1 sweet potato
  • 1 bag of frozen chicken thighs – though I only cooked up 3 large thighs to start with
  • 1 Lime
  • Toppings (optional):
    • Green Onions
    • Peanuts
    • Cilantro

What I had at home:

  • Soy Sauce

I love these Veggetti dishes in particular, because they’re SO easy to prepare! There’s actually not even a whole bunch of prep that needs to be done ahead of time! Check it out…


  • Either a few hours before prepping (or overnight if doing so the night before), take out 3 large chicken thigh pieces (or as many as desired) from the freezer and place in a large bowl with few drizzles of soy sauce and the juice of 1/2 a lime. Let marinate for at least a couple hours or until thawed.
  • Spiralize the pasta using a vegetable spiralizer, like the Veggetti! I spiralized ALL of my veggies at one time and put them in the refrigerator until I was ready to eat them!
  • After your chicken is marinated and thawed, cut into one-inch pieces (bite-sized), and saute in a large pan over high heat until they’re golden on the outside! Add extra seasonings (like cumin) if desired. Stir occasionally until golden brown, and then set aside.
  • When ready to eat, add a serving of veggie noodles to a pan on medium to medium-heat heat, greased with cooking spray. Saute for 5 minutes, or less if you’d like your veggies to be a little crunchier! Add a serving of chicken and sautee a minute longer. At this time, I added a squeeze of lime juice (probably about 1/8 of a lime).
    • Note: For serving sizes, I suggest 1 cup of veggie noodles (1 green 21 day fix container), and 3/4 c of chicken (1 red 21 day fix container)
  • After everything is heated through, top the veggie noodles and chicken with lime juice, cilantro, green onions, and peanuts if desired
    • For 21 Day Fix portions:
      • 1 green container of veggie noodles
      • 1 red container of chicken
      • 1 blue container of peanuts (optional)

That’s it!

I love this recipe because it ticks all the boxes! It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s 21 day fix friendly. It’s budget friendly. And it tastes good!

What else can you ask for, am I right?

Enjoy, everyone! And if you need help finding a Veggetti or spiralizer of your own, I highly suggest you check out Bed Bath and Beyond, or Amazon

Happy cooking!




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