Started: October 2014

Completed: December 2014

I was so unbelievably stoked when Beachbody released this program. I’ve never  been much of a yogi…I’m more of a high impact, plyometrics kind of girl.  But when this program came out I knew I needed to try it!

PiYo is a cross between Yoga and Pilates…like if pilates and yoga had a baby it would be PiYo! The idea is that it combines the strength and control aspects of pilates with the stretch and flexibility of yoga. The whole tagline is “No Weights, No Jumps, Just Hardcore Results!”

Low Impact, and High Intensity Results! I feel like you can’t beat that when you’re one of those people that can’t do high impact workouts!

This 60 day program met a lot of my hopes and shocked me with how intense of a workout it was! My results weren’t super pronounced on a numbers basis… I lost 4 pounds, and only a couple inches total around my waist, hips, legs, & arms. BUT THOSE ABS!!!! Haha. That was my favorite part!

My results weren’t so pronounced in numbers, but I just felt so lean and strong when I finished this program and ever since finishing, I’ve been super proud and ready to show-off my abs!

For the first time, I really felt like I had ab definition! That was probably my favorite part of the program was how much core strength I got from all of the plank work and yoga poses. But as I did for my 21 Day Fix Review…I will tell you what I liked, what I didn’t like etc. so you can get a big picture outlook on the program!



After doing 21 Day Fix, I had really high hopes for the nutrition component of this program. But it was a really weird version of the 21 day fix program.  Instead of breaking things into vegetables, fruits, proteins, starches, healthy fats, and oils….they were broken into like primary vegetables and secondary vegetables which was just harder for me to rationalize and understand I guess. So I mostly used common-sense and the 21 day fix nutrition during the program.


The ththing grew to love about the last few Beachbody programs I have done is that the workouts were a consistent amount of time! Like, for 21 day fix, they were always 30 minutes. And for Focus T25, they were always 25 minutes! The PiYo workouts are a little inconsistent in their length. Sometimes it was great because they were only 20 minutes, while other times it was a little harder to fit them into my normal schedule because they were closer to 50 minutes!



I mean, this might be obvious, but this workout is low-impact, which is amazing for those of us that have joint issues. My knees only gave me problems when I had gone and done another high impact workout.

It was so great to me to know that I could still do PiYo even if my knees were giving me trouble because of the low-impact aspect of this program!

Also, I loved that she accommodated those people that maybe new to working out or new to yoga-esque workouts with her permanent modifier, Michelle! I used Michelle’s modifications sometimes anyways, because some of those moves you just have to work up to so I really liked that!


Every single time I would pop in one of the workouts that was a little bit shorter, I always fooled myself into thinking that it wouldn’t be a good workout. False. SO WRONG. All of these workouts were great and an absurdly good workout! Like Sculpt and Buns are deceptive because they’re not very long time-wise, but my god do you sweat!! I would sweat as much if not more doing these workouts as I did doing a T25 workout with Shaun T. And Sweat and Drench?? Oh my god. These workouts are amazing! There were times that I was legitimately shocked that Chalene looks so fricken cute at the end of the workout!


I mentioned this above…but my core strength and my abs are probably the biggest difference I noticed following this program! I have muscle in my core that I didn’t even know should be there after this program! And your shoulders will also get a lot of love too! I’m loving my abs and arm definition following this program!


This might be a a kind of obvious one, and something you would expect out of a program that has anything to do with yoga, but I definitely feel so much more flexible! Every time I’d go to a down dog I’d notice my heels getting closer and closer to the floor! And for someone like me who claims that I’m only able to touch my toes because my legs are so short, this was HUGE for me!


I love this woman! I learned so much more about her after this program came out–that she’s not only a fitness expert, but also an entrepreneur and self-help guru with multiple amazing podcasts and a personal development program called 30 day Push! She’s such an amazing supporter to have on this journey–motivating and inspirational and positive! I truly enjoyed her as a trainer! Just the right amount of motivation, balanced with reassurance! And she’s VERY funny! She definitely made me laugh my way through some of the workouts!

All in all! I loved this program! Though I don’t think it has quite displaced 21 Day Fix as my favorite workout program, this program definitely filled a niche in my workout program library that needed to be filled–something low impact that’s easy on my knees and will DEFINITELY get me sweating!

Basically if you…

  • Have joint injuries that prevent you from doing most workouts
  • Previously didn’t like yoga because you “don’t like standing still”
  • Want something different that will strengthen your core and make the rest of your workouts easier

I highly suggest you try out PiYo! It’s one of my new favorites!

Note: I was drinking Shakeology while on this program! Shakeology is meant to enhance your results by providing your body with the nutrition it needs to refuel and replenish after a tough workout!  If you want to know more, check out my post about Shakeology here!





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