First Try: September 2014

Second Try: 

I tried 3 day refresh for the first time before a wedding I went to with an “it’s complicated” guy I’m dating. He was pretty much my boyfriend, but that’s kind of a story for another time!  Anyway, I figured that I wanted to try to drop a couple extra pounds beforehand. So, why not give 3 day refresh a try? I’d heard of such great results from 3 day refresh and wanted to see for myself! So, I purchased and was SO excited when my kit arrived in the mail.

Now, disclaimer–It said on the direction to not workout too hard during this program. I was running a 21 day fix challenge group during this 3 day refresh and felt obligated to my girls in the group to get the workouts in. That decision may have end up biting me in the ass. The directions did say that you could PROBABLY do a heavier workout during the fix. My plan was to modify the 21 day fix workouts by using lighter weights and cutting out some of the more demanding workouts.  We’ll see if that helps me in not overdoing it.

Start Weight: 150lb


Waist: 33″           Hips: 36.5″               Arms: 11.5″                        Legs (with inner thigh pooch): 23.5″


Workout: Total Body Cardio Fix with lighter weights

Water Consumption: 132oz

I had some hunger pangs at the end of the day. By no means was I starving, but I was craving. I will admit that I cheated a little bit in the evening and had about a tablespoon of peanut butter, which I now regret. I realized that having my evening tea with some Stevia satisfied my sweet tooth just fine. Lesson learned. I won’t slip up tomorrow. I did however get a really bad headache in the evening. I did some reading and found that that is normal! Phew…and I also found that I was really tired and ultimately went to bed a bit earlier than I normally do because of it.


Workout: Upper Fix, lightened up my weights and cut out a couple of the more difficult exercises

Water Consumption: 135oz

I won’t lie that I started off this morning a little grumpy at my results. I saw on everyone else’s results that they lost 3 or so pounds in the first day. I gained a pound. How is that possible????

 I threw this out to my awesomely supportive and informative team of coach on Team Fit Foundation/Team Total Balance and they had a lot of great ideas! One especially point out that they didn’t have a bowel movement (overshare but necessary to consider) the first day or 2, which affected their weight loss! Point taken! I realized the fiber in this diet would likely absorb a lot of water and therefore increase my water weight for a day or two!  Other than this little hiccup in the morning, I felt great! I was surprisingly energized considering how few calories I’d taken in and found that I really wasn’t feeling hungry at all until right before I went to bed. No raging headaches today either!  


Workout: Lower fix, with slightly lighter weights than usual

Water Consumption: 128oz

Okay, I’m feeling a lot better about this morning!  Especially because I have another reason why I might be putting on some water weight! Apparently ,I chose the wrong “time of the month (TOM)” to be doing this! Lol! Overshare, maybe? Oh freaking well my friends! Middle school boys learn about this stuff in health class so I’ve given up caring! Anyways, I weighed myself this morning and am down 2.5 lbs since yesterday! That’s 1.5 pounds from the start of the 3 day refresh! Not a huge difference in weight, but I actually could see my abs popping out a little bit this morning! Woohoo! I think that the 3 day refresh is cutting down on bloat and really resulting in some ab definition which is awesome! I actually posted this pic to the right on instagram because it’s the first time that I’m really starting to see Ab definition! Yay!!

Side note — I am loving this tea thing! I like tea but I’d never though about bringing tea bags to work to have in the morning! I’m obsessed now! It warms me up on the inside as we make this transition to cooler Fall weather! Plus, it feels like it alleviates my TOM symptoms! Yay!

End Weight: 148lb


Waist: 31.5″         Hips: 36.5″           Arms: 10.5″             Legs (with inner thigh pooch): 23″


Weight Loss: 2 pounds!

Inches lost: 3″



The 3 day refresh truly was very easy to follow! There really is nothing confusing or complicated about it! The only thing that made it less easy to use for me was the fact that I can’t really have a blender at work! I work in a lab and for me to keep a blender at my desk or to have one anywhere in a shared space is quite unrealistic! So I had to settle for shaking my shakes! Now this wasn’t an issue for the Vanilla Refresh shake which really was good! But for the fiber sweep, this was tough to do! The Fiber sweep is gross, frankly! It’s gritty and with the exception of the subtle citrusy taste, it’s not particularly appetizing. You just kind of need to shake it up and CHUG! But every other part of the program was really very easy to follow. This may have been easier to for because I was coming off of doing the 21 day fix! So if you’ve never done anything like this before and you don’t usually eat so many veggies day to day, this may be a lot harder for you!


Probably the part that I struggled with the most was the cravings particularly at the end of my day! There isn’t much structured into your day in the evenings, and this was really hard for me because I spread out my 21  day fix meals so that I can have a snack in the evening!  Usually, this is something along the lines of some greek yogurt as “dessert”. So it was really hard for me to just go to tea in the evening! On the first day, I had a massive headache at the end of the day. The more I read the more I learned that this was normal because you’re completely changing what and how much you’re taking in! I had a snack and a cup of hot tea and this subsided for the most part!


Your body will react different to this cleanse then most, especially depending upon the kind of lifestyle you maintain! If you’re not used to eating restricted amounts, and are particularly not used to this amount of veggies in your diet, you might lose TONS of weight on the 3 day refresh. I didn’t! I didn’t lose a lot of weight, probably because for me I’m really getting to the point where those last 10 lbs will be REALLY hard to take off. But also because other than more restriction on my diet, the things I was eating on the 3 day refresh weren’t DRASTICALLY different than my day to day! Also, another thing to consider–bowel movement! I talked about this above…and I know it still seems like TMI, but I didn’t lose a lot of weight, and actually put on weight the first day. But then I realized that I actual hadn’t had a bowel movement until 1.5 days into the program! Even though I was drinking a ton of water, my body was still storing it up because of all the fiber (and probably the fact that I started my TOM while on the 3 day refresh). So, you need to consider your body, your normal lifestyle, etc. before you compare your results to other!


 I enjoyed the 3 day refresh! It taught me that I really am a lot more bloated than I ever realized! The weight loss wasn’t significant, but the loss in inches was! I realized after day 2 that I can’t compare my results to other peoples because I’m a different person! My body has different needs and different composition! If I don’t lose a ton of weight on this, that’s fine! It still made me feel good! I felt cleansed, I felt lean, less bloated, etc. You need to celebrate those small victories even if you don’t see big results! And that’s the biggest thing that I learned from the 3 day refresh!

I highly suggest you try it if you’re wanting to cleanse your body! But, I personally wouldn’t bank on something like this as a quick fix leading up to a big event! The 21 day fix is probably a better bet if you’re trying to lose pounds before a wedding or something! But this system didn’t make me feel less bloated, cleansed, and ultimately REFRESHED and I feel like that’s what matters!

Until next time!



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