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You’ve got goals, friend! I know…cuz I know you! Hell, I am you! You don’t just want to experience your next level of health, happiness, and fulfillment on YOUR terms—aka without everyone else shoulding you! Without sacrificing your authenticity, the things you’re passionate and pumped AF about, and the things that are truly your priorities? Well, duh, you wouldn't be here if you weren't…and hot damn am I ready to help you unleash that potential that’s aching inside of you!

If you’re a high-achieving, multi-passionate millennial who is sick AF of being told what you can and cannot have and what's possible or practical for you; if you don't just want more, but you want it all; if you know you have the potential for getting so much more out of this life than you're settling for; and if you know it's going to take time and hell-bent-for-glory action, but it's action you're willing to take…then you’ve come to the right place! And it’s legit my mission in life to empower you to do just that…

I've been called a lifestyle manager because I help people just like you manage your time and your priorities so that they can create lives they f'ing love, too! My 1:1 experiences are immersive, supportive and personalized! Perfect for the person who is ready to quit wasting time and level the fuck up, and who wants that next level of accountability and support along their transformation…

I only take 5 1-on-1 clients at a time!! So, if you’re interested, do not delay!



  • You feel like you’ve done everything right, but you just still aren’t satisfied with where your life is headed…

  • You’re sick AF of living someone else’s life and are ready to live your life on your terms…

  • You’re sick of feeling guilty and selfish of wanting more because you KNOW you deserve it - and SCREW ANYONE who says otherwise, am I right!?! (it’s cool if you’re not at the screw anyone stage - I just wanted to make you smile!)

  • You’re sick AF of being told what’s possible in this life…and you’re ready to show everyone that you can HAVE IT ALL! The kickass career, the peak health, the amazing relationships and adventures…ALL THE THINGS!

  • You’re ready to take action! You’re a go-getter and you’re ready to freaking go for it!

  • You’re done - D. O. N. E…DONE - of settling for less than you know you deserve!

  • You don’t just want more….you want it ALL! And you know that you have the potential to create it!

you’re looking for more…

and you’re f’ing ready to go after it!

Maybe you’re in your early 20s and just emerging into the “real world”, or maybe you’re like I was — a professional with experience in her late 20s or 30s. But one thing is for damn sure: you’re not feeling the way you want to feel about your career and your life. …

It’s not bad, but you know that things could be even better! You’re finding yourself knowing that there is more for you, even if you have no clue what that more is! You want freedom - to get outside, to travel, see the world, instead of being stuck inside your cubicle or office. But you’re not sure where to find the answers you’re looking for…

You may also be feeling guilty about “wasting” time and resources. You’re feeling flakey for changing your mind about what you want. You’re sick AF of being told that you’re unfocused, but you’re also scared about disappointing some of the people in your life. And you’re wondering, “Is it selfish to go after what I want for me?...”

Many people would just stay stuck. They’d accept that it’s okay to hate your job, to have parts of your life that you don’t like, etc. They’d accept it as normal. But mediocrity and settling? That’s not an option for you — you want passion, fulfillment and a life you f’ing love.

Whether you’re at rock bottom, or you’re just feeling those first inklings that there is more and better out there for you, you’re ready to get answers and you’re ready to get clear on how to create a life you f’ing love!

What Your Challenges Tend To Be…

Obviously, you’re disappointed with where you’re currently at in life, but not because you’ve done anything wrong! You’re an achiever and you’ve got the credentials to show for it, am I right? Girl, I know you. ;-) Nah, life has been pretty damn good, but you know you deserve better. But you’re unsure! You have no idea what more or better is! How do you figure it out? And once you do, how do you get it? How do you balance all of that shit? Is balance even possible?

There’s so many damn options out there not only for what you can do with your career, but what you want in your life! How could you possibly know what the hell to pick? To commit to? How do you know what’s going to last the rest of your life?

You don’t want anything temporary…you want meaning, fulfillment and passion! But that’s not all you want. You want fun, connection, great relationships, freedom, all the above! That’s what a LIFE YOU F’ING LOVE means to you!

Is it to good to be true? No I don’t think so…and neither do you. That’s why you’re going for it…and that’s why we’re such a good match! ;-)

What You Need Most Right Now…

  • To ignore all the shit everyone else is telling you and get clear on you!

  • To develop awareness and honesty with yourself.

  • To discover the passions you want to turn into careers and how you can do it!

  • Insight into finding a career of purpose, passion and fulfillment…

  • Assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, values, limiting beliefs

  • Elevated confidence so that you stop looking for validation from others and find it within yourself

  • Willingness to let go of all the reasons you’re staying stuck

  • An action plan to get that dream life going…

  • Strategies for maximizing your time because you know that making time is sometimes the hardest part…

  • So much more!


It’s there to help us be more authentic to who we are and what we really want in our lives. It’s there to help us live our lives FULL OUT, right?!! It’s there to help us live unapologetically and at a higher level than what we’ve been settling for. It’s there cuz deep down the freedom and fulfillment that we're craving in this life depends on us listening to that voice…and walking the new path that it’s pointing us toward…

Ellyn’s coaching philosophy…

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This 3 pillar coaching philosophy is accessible through private coaching (highly personalized), or through my Take Back Your Life Course (a more affordable option).

Would you believe that my logo isn’t random at ALL? Of course, I’m obsessed with traveling, hiking and I truly believe that climbing mountains is a metaphor for life. There are always other summits to tackle and hot damn is it helpful to have a guide, especially if it’s a new path you’ve never walked before.

Plus - and the nerd in me absolutely loves this - did you know that the triangle is the Greek symbol delta, which in math and science is the symbol for change!?!?! Change means transformation! Hell-to-the-yeah, friends!

But the 3 mountains in my logo, most importantly, represent something much more important to me and my coaching philosophy. They represent my 3 pillars of coaching. I believe that the 3 things that so often hold us back in our lives are a lack of clarity, a lack of confidence and a lack of consistency!

CLARITY. There are so many messages coming into our lives about who we should be, what we should want, blah blah etc. That’s great and all, but what do YOU want?! That’s the first thing we’ll dig into - clarity in who you are, clarity in what you want in life, and last but not least clarity in what you want in your career.

CONFIDENCE. Because we can know what we want in life, but what if we don’t have the confidence to go for it, it’s not going to happen! We’re going to re-program that by leveling up your confidence from the emotional (think self talk - no more external validation ), physical and relational perspectives because all of these affect how we feel about ourselves and how likely we are to take action! And ya’ll know I’m all about that action…

CONSISTENCY. Because you can have all the clarity and confidence in the world, but if you don’t have any damn time to work on your dreams and goals, well then, they’re kinda dead in the water! We’re going to get REAL clear on what priorities actually belong on your calendar, how to tap into your discipline and motivation (cuz yes - you do have it!), how to level up your productivity and so much more!

I believe to my very core that these are the 3 missing pieces for so many people…and I for one cannot wait to dig into them with you! Schedule a complimentary Transformation Call here!


  • Personalized support and accountability in the form of 24 Zoom video calls to help you make progress toward your goals and creating your dream life for $997 a month! Or get a 25% discount when you pay-in-full at $4497 (Valued at $30K+ - seriously…I’ve easily spent this much money on my own coaching and personal development over the last 5 years and I’m bring you ALL the things I’ve learned!)

  • Unlimited email and texting access between sessions to help you work through those spur-of-the-moment issues that will inevitably come up…

  • BONUSES valued at $>3000 including…

    • BONUS: Lifetime Access to my Take Back Your Life program including the 3 program bundle - Create Clarity, The Pursuit of Confidence & Take Back Your Time to give you that 3 pillars of training to help you transform your life (Valued at $2497)

    • BONUS: A FREE digital copy of my Healthy Life Handbook, the ultimate planner to help you nail your goals and take back your health (Valued at $57)

    • BONUS: A Year of Access to my Growth Tribe Academy to help you next level your growth and get the community of the Academy too! (Valued at $267)

    • BONUS: Access to my 3-part Self-Discipline Webinar series because we all know that discipline, motivation and consistent follow-through toward our goals is one of our biggest sticking points! (valued at $97)


1-on-1 Coaching


6 months…which includes
24 1-on-1 video calls, 25% off - $4497 (PAY in FULL) or $997 per month

For clients wishing to do a month-by-month payment plan, please note that you are forfeiting the full-payment discount….


Prior to sessions #1, 5, 9, 13, 17 and 21
*If the client has not paid before the session, the session will be cancelled until payment is received…

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Frequently Asked Questions


+ What curriculum do we cover in 1-on-1 coaching?

Well, that's the beauty of 1-on-1 coaching! It's so damn personalizable! We can work on whatever you want...but more often than not, we will progress through the 12 (soon to be 16!) modules of the Take Back Your Life program!

+ What is the cancellation policy?

Sessions can be cancelled 24 hours in advance by phone or email to If you're late or a no-show, unfortunately you will forfeit that session. I understand that things happen - illnesses, emergencies, etc. so don't feel like is an end all be all policy.

+ What if I want to cancel the rest of my 1-on-1 program?

Firstly, I just want to say that I've never had this happen. No one I have worked with has ever cancelled their remaining sessions and asked for a refund because they're not seeing the value. If the client for whatever reason decides to terminate the coaching package, a refund will be given for all unused sessions minus the admin fee of 25% ($247 per session).


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