“If everyone spent 15 minutes every day in intentional personal growth, I swear to you, the world would be dramatically better.”

I said that to my High Performance coach in December 2017 when we were discussing my vision, beliefs and the way I wanted to impact the world. It might have been a loaded, brash, and a little crazy, but I stood by it and I still do. Because for me personal growth has been a game changer and since I started intentionally growing myself through self-help in spring 2014, my life has dramatically changed. Intentional personal growth gave me a confidence I’ve never had, clarity in who I am and where I want to take my life and has taught me so many new tools, tactics, habits and skills that I’ve been able to implement into my own life and teach to my clients. I always have a book in my hand, have read upwards of 25 books a year since I started and have recently leveled up to 50 books a year. That’s almost a book a week, on top of all the online trainings, YouTube videos, TedTalks and much much more. Personal growth is a marathon, not a sprint. A journey, not an event. And it can transform you.

But it’s not about anything crazy. Sometimes it’s just about investing in yourself. Investing in that personal growth course instead of the new handbag you don’t need. Or something even simpler. Investing time into yourself. It’s our most precious resource and yet we take it for granted.

What if you spend just 15 MINUTES on yourself?

Just 15! Or hell, what if you spent just 5 minutes!! If you spent time every day reading about or listening to a podcast on something you struggle with, or a habit you want to change or develop, I guarantee you, it would dramatically change your life. And if I everyone did that. Oh my god. I swear to you the world would be a dramatically better place.

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Cuz, regardless, a good book, great podcast, or amazeballs Ted Talk is always a place to start!

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