About the Movement

Like any twenty-something woman, hell, any twenty-something person, I've struggled with self-image, confidence, knowing myself, identifying my place in this world and figuring out the person I want to be. I've struggled with my weight. I've struggled with my career path. And I still do each and every day. But, about 4 years ago I realized something. Those struggles don't go away unless you work on them. Unless you're intentional about improving them.

That's where my movement, #15minsforme, comes in. I want to develop a community, a movement if you will, of people making intentional effort to change their lives by dedicating themselves to 15 minutes a day of personal growth.

If everyone would spend 15 minutes every day reading about or improving something that they struggled with, then the world would be improved dramatically for the better.

I made that bold statement to my High Performance coach on our first call, and it was a statement that I'd never made to anyone outside of my most supportive friends and family. And I stand by it, because I've lived it.

So, I ask you. What if you spent just 15 MINUTES on yourself? If you spent time EVERY day reading about or listening to a podcast on something you struggle with, or a habit your want to change or develop, instead of mindlessly scrolling social media as we do, I guarantee you, it would dramatically change your life. And if I everyone did that? Oh my god, I swear to you, the world would be a dramatically better place.

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How Can Personal Growth Change Your Life?

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