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1-on-1 Coaching & Programs

Are you struggling with knowing your direction in life? Balancing your many many passions? Finding clarity in your career/purpose? Finding the self-confidence to chase your dreams? Well, I can help!

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For Students

Graduate school comes with it's own unique set of challenges, which we just don't learn in class. As a former PhD student, I'd love to help you navigate them!

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Not ready to dive right into coaching quite yet? That's a-okay, friend! I've created two Facebook communities where you can get started right away!

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Complimentary Coaching

Interested in kick-starting your journey?  Let's do a quick introductory coaching session to see what your interests are and how well we jive! 

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If you've spent any amount of time on my website, you know what a big proponent I am of personal growth and making it a daily habit! That's what my #15minsforme movement is all about! Click below to learn more!

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