UNDATED 6x9" Life Design Planner + Foundations Program

UNDATED 6x9" Life Design Planner + Foundations Program

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A BUNDLE of the 2 TOOLS that I KNOW will help you drastically change your life and adopt HEALTHY Habits! This bundle contains the:

  • The Foundations for Success Mini-Program
  • The Life Design Planner - UNDATED

Note: This planner is size 6x9 for those of you that want smaller planners! Please check your printer for proper printing instructions!

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The Healthy Life Handbook is HERE!

And it's a game-changer!

This is the planner for the person who wants a life coach in a planner form, but without losing the functionality of the planner!


This planner consists of 2 parts, which you will either be able to purchase in a bundle, or purchase individually, depending upon what you need.

Foundations for Success. 

The second part of the Healthy Handbook forms the basis of my coaching philosophy - The Science of Life Design. I walk you through how to determine which aspects of your life you're dissatisfied with and why, what you really and truly want out of life, and how to map out your goals to actually get you to where you want to be. This includes a place to do a life evaluation, how to determine what your priorities are and if they match with what you want them to be, a place to write your own Manifesto, goal setting, life designing, action planning your goals, etc.

Using my Life Design Planner has become part of my morning routine!

Life Design Planner. 

This is where everything comes together - The Life Design Planner! This planner is everything that the Erin Condren and DailyGreatness journals weren't for me. I take the best parts of the ECLP - fun quotes, colors, inspiration - and combine it with DailyGreatness. But, I trimmed the fat! All those redundancies that made the DailyGreatness ineffective for me I took out. And I made things more customizable! No more being told which habits you should implement! Of course, I made recommendations! But, you get to pick and choose which ones you care about integrating into you life. Plus, I incorporated all of the habits that I think are most effective. Some of the highlights include

  • Action Plans: You'll find action plans not only in the Foundations section, but in the main Life Design Planner each month, where you'll be asked to choose which goals you'll be focusing on for the month and break those down into the most important steps, too.
  • Meal and Grocery Planner: We all know that abs are made in the kitchen, but sometimes that's easier said then done. So, I tried to take as much of the guess work out of it as possible. Each week, you'll have a place to plan your meals for the week, and write our your grocery lists. There's also tons of information and links for all of my tips on how to meal prep!

Daily Priorities section in the week layout - and sometimes you've just gotta prioritize some fun!

  • Weeky layouts. A fully weekly layout where you can not only keep track of yourappointments, but also schedule your workouts, track your water intake, write out your focus for the week, how you're going to reward yourself, quotes, goals, etc.
  • Gratitudes, Affirmations, and Top Priorities.The weekly layout also includes a section at the top of each day for some of my favorite habits from DailyGreatness - writing out things to be grateful for, affirmations, and your top priorities for the day! I think it's so important to constantly remind yourself what you have to be grateful for in this world of lack, to constantly remind yourself of all the great parts of who you are (not all the things you're not), and to choose your top 3 priorities for the day. It's really easy to never feel finished at the end of the day and get overwhelmed by everything you didn't do. Now, I wake up in the morning and decide on the 3 things that, if I completed these 3 actions today, I would be happy with my day! It's such a stress reliever.
  • Weekly and monthly reviews. I am a believer in the power of review! Because without constantly checking back in on ourselves and seeing how we're doing, we aren't able to keep track of what's working and what isn't! That's the highway to ineffectiveness! We all want to make big changes and achieve big goals fast! Society is all about instant gratification. And I'll tell you now, you're going to get to your goals infinitely faster if you actually look back on what's going well, what's not, what you need to change, what you're satisfied with, etc. There's a 2 page weekly review, for you to just journal about how things are going: what you're happy with, what you're not, etc. It might just be a place to vent if that's what you need! There's also a 2-page monthly review to look back on all you've done in the past month and if you moved toward your goals as you hoped you would, as well as a 1-page layout in preparation for the month to follow!