Personal Growth

Invest in you, and it will transcend your entire life.

When I "completed" my physical transformation, I was still pretty jaded, dis-passionate, and not liking my direction. My mental toughness just wasn't there anymore. I needed something new...something more than physical...I needed to start changing myself on the inside. And not 2 weeks after I finished Insanity, I signed up to be a Beachbody coach...and Coaching. Changed. Everything.

For me, coaching and the emphasis on personal developing and investing in yourself was a game-changer. I quickly realized once I started coaching that this wasn't just about fitness and shakes. This was about taking control of your life, making massive changes, and doing so in a supportive community

I quickly came to realize that I had massive changes to make, huge hurdles to overcome, and crazy dreams that I'd let myself lose site of. I had to dig into my past and figure out what experiences were holding me back, why I beat myself up instead of built myself up when push came to shove. It was difficult and frustrating and emotional. But it was also worth it. I came to believe in the power of belief and optimism and what was possible for me if I was willing to go for it, and it was a crazy realization!  

My attitude about myself has changed

 I went from looking in the mirror and thinking I was disgusting, pointing out every flaw, to not needing a mirror to believe I'm beautiful. Now, I look in the mirror and see all the things that I love physically about myself. Now, when I journal, I write about the possibilities in my life, about my strength, about my passion and enthusiasm instead of my frustration.  I want more than anything to share with people what is possible for their own lives when they invest in themselves and learn who they are and what they want. 

Personal development allowed me to change so much. When I took prelims in my PhD program, I stressed myself out so much, almost to the point of illness. And when there was little hiccup, I completely BASHED myself and told myself how I wasn't good enough. Flash forward to 9 months later doing consistent personal development, and my outlook before my first departmental presentation was 180 degrees different. IT was like there was someone else inside my mind. I was able to be rational and put things into context in a completely un-melodramatic way, unlike my usual self-deprecation and critique. I caught myself thinking "I can do this. This is my strength." And you know what was different than 9 months earlier? I freaking believed it! There was no faking it. It was the honest to god's truth. And it was all because I did and still do personal development every day.

I listen to podcasts, audiobooks, read, write, etc. I do 30+ mins every single day and the reason WHY I do these things is because I have and continue to see these kinds of leaps and bounds forward in my mental state. My confidence. My self-image. My ability to see my worth, value, strength. My ability to define my goals, my life, my passions, and build the kind of life I want and be the person I want to be. And the crazy part is that the tools we need to make these kinds of changes are at our freaking fingertips!!! And so few people take advantage of them!

If I had my way, personal development would be a class in school.

And trust me - it would be the most beneficial thing you've ever done. So don't be one of those many people who doesn't take advantage. Pick up a book! Listen to a podcast! Write out your goals, review your day, whatever! DO something every single day that improves your tomorrow and this time I'm not talking physical. Because it's the mental transformation that will change your life.   

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.
— George Bernard Shaw

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