Who would I be if I dared you to do more than just dream, but...


Well, I'm not about that! My platform is all about having balance, embracing the things you love and that are important to you, and just letting yourself be authentically passionate about the things you're passionate about. So, here is a place where I share MY things that make me ME! These are my hobbies, my loves, the things that give me joy and feed my soul!  I call them, my...

PASSION PROJECTS...and I'm so happy to share them with you!




Photography has been something that I have always loved. Ever since I owned my first camera...

But I was never a photographer in the more "professional" sense. It was a hobby to me! But truly, it was one of my favorite outlets and hobbies. It wasn't until my good friends, Bobby & Jenny, asked me to bust out my camera as a practice engagement shoot that I realized how much I love this art form! Since then, I've realized that this is something I'd truly love to pursue as one of my many passions!


Sippin on Science



Science is too technical. We should talk about science like we would at happy hour with friends! Casually! With prose and vivid stories. Check out my science writing blog!



Music has been a part of my life for a long time. I grew up singing to everything. But other than the occasionally karaoke night with friends, I didn't really sing in public a lot anymore. In August 2015, I decided to take a leap of faith and post a video of me singing on YouTube. I've since posted one over cover VERY recently, and plan to post others periodically.


Those are my Passion Projects!