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BECAUSE having enough time to balance our goals & priorities with our obligations is tough...

And I want to make sure that you have all the tools to manage your life! This unit of Life 101 is a jam-packed 3-week course covering all aspects of time management and productivity, from routines to habit formation to self-discipline and motivation and beyond!

The first module in the Take Back Your time unit of this course covers will be launching on December 3rd! The workbook exercises start on pg 69. Until we start, you can access the Bonus Materials here >>

As usual, the level of engagement, commitment, action and intention you put into these exercises, the more you will get out of them. So make sure you dig deep! And feel free to Contact me as needed >>

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Continue Leveling up your life with all the Life 101 bonus content!

All the new resources and new material that I come up with that is outside of the scope of the main modules will go here! Whether it's a new, great book, a new lesson, a new, useful activity, I'll share that all with you here in the bonus content!