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Alrighty, we're kicking things off with clarity because...Clarity breeds confidence!

Before we get into clarity, we're going to do some important activities to get started. Firstly, why clarity is such an important, but forgotten piece of the puzzle for so many of us and then defining WHY we invested in this program! You WHY is important and we're going to spend time digging into it before we do anything else in this program! 

Then, we're going to approach clarity from 3 different perspectives - clarity in yourself, clarity in your life and what you want from it and clarity in your career! These are the 3 biggest places where a lack of clarity can hold us back in our lives!

The first module launches on October 1st, at which point you'll be able to proceed with the videos in Module 1: Getting Started, which you can find on pg. 7 of your workbook! Until then, you can access the Bonus Materials here >>

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Continue Leveling up your life with all the Life 101 bonus content!

All the new resources and new material that I come up with that is outside of the scope of the main modules will go here! Whether it's a new, great book, a new lesson, a new, useful activity, I'll share that all with you here in the bonus content!