Hey! I'm Ellyn ...

and I believe that we all deserve to live a badass, unapologetically authentic life!

I get how hard it can be! We all have goals, dreams, passions, and just things that we want to do in our lives! But there are so many demands on our time! How can we possibly balance work, relationships, health, finances, your passions and hobbies, etc.? Well, I'm telling you, you can! I'm a former doctoral student, scientist-turned life coach, wanderlusting traveler, and lover of photography, fitness, music, personal growth, coffee, craft beer and movies! Trust me...I get being multi-passionate and crazy busy, but unfulfilled because I wasn't spending my time doing what I love!

My mission? It's Simple. 

To change that feeling of burn out to a feeling of hell-bent-for-glory action. To help each and every person develop unapologetic authenticity and confidence so that they can live a badass life. That’s what I’m about!

Authenticity and Confidence come from having clarity in your life and where it's going, having confidence in yourself, your knowledge and your ability to make that life happen for you, and having the systems in place in your life that allow for you to balance your desires, passions, and goals with the obligations of your daily life! And I'm telling you, after years of studying personal growth, confidence, lifestyle and high performance habits, and implementation and testing of these tools in my own daily life, I know what works and what doesn't! And I am committed to helping you achieve that badass vision you have for your life!

Interested in check out some of what I have to offer here at coach Ellyn? Start by...

  • Dipping your toes into a free community! I run 2 communities on Facebook. One for personal growth and one for fitness & lifestyle habits!
  • Taking the 10 Day Confidence Challenge, because confidence is crucially to living more fully and authentically!
  • Checking out my coaching packages and programs and getting enrolled in the Pursuit of Confidence Beta Test, a full-blown 8-week online course where we take a deep dive into confidence!
  • Check out some of the client love and testimonials from some of the people I have worked with! My clients have incredibly stories and I'm so honored to have played a part in their journies!
  • Join the movement, #15minsforme, on social media! Because personal growth should be a daily habit for each and every one of us!
  • Or, for my graduate students out there, check out some of my student-specific coaching to navigate all of the unique, complicated challenges that grad school entails!

Additionally, I'm writing my first book, where former and current graduate students are getting candid about their experiences in grad school! I'm still taking interviews, too, if you'd like to contribute!

In 2018, I'll also be traveling the world with Remote Year! Follow my adventures  here or on Instagram!


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