I've got a special offer for my Remote Year tramily!

For some of us, coaching has never been on our radar. For others, it's something we've always considered doing, but never really dove into. Coaching can definitely be an investment, but I want to make a special deal for all of you, my tramily, because an investment in yourself is never a waste!

What AM I offering special for my remote year tramily?

50% off coaching!

How This will work

  • We'll meet 1-on-1 and talk about what you're interested in improving in your life! We'll make a game plan and I'll walk you through a little bit about how I can help you. We'll also vibe each other out and see if working together will be something that's beneficial for both of us.
  • We'll address if we're a good shit! We'll discuss the ways in which coaching will benefit you in achieving your goals and, if the coaching relationship feels right, we'll set a plan to work together for however long you want or are able to.
  • We'll deal with logistical shtuff. Yes, paperwork makes it's way into coaching as well!
  • And then we'll start working together! The benefit of being on this journey together is we won't have to worry about phone calls or skyping! We can meet face to face on a consistent basis to help you work toward your goals. 

What coaching can do for you:

  • Accountability. Coaching is most importantly accountability to achieving your goals. In our lives, there's so many things for us to juggle that it's understandable when some of our goals and commitments fall through the cracks! I help you specifically define what it is you're working toward, build a plan around how to get there, and then, most importantly, I hold you to sticking to that plan. If we run into obstacles along the way, we address it, make changes, and continue forward. 
  • Personalization, because I've done cookie-cutter coaching programs that send everyone through the same pipeline of lessons and videos and it only works too an extent. If you're truly going to help someone bring their best self to the table, then their coaching needs to be tailored to them and to their needs.


Check out what some of my current and former clients are saying about working with me!

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