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Beachbody program excels

Tracking your weights is super important, am I right?!

But sometimes it's a huge pain to do it on your phone. And it's an even bigger pain to tote around a notebook to track things pen and paper. I mean, who needs another thing to keep track of on gym days?

Check out my awesome Google Sheets/Excel spreadsheets for tracking your weights/times in a bunch of the Beachbody programs! Just download and go!


Beachbody program reviews

Though about trying a Beachbody workout program? Not sure which one is for you, or if you think it will work for you?

Check out my Beachbody program reviews! From Master's Hammer and Chisel, to Piyo, to 21 Day Fix and the 3 Day Refresh...check out my thoughts after my experience on some of Beachbody's programs!