7.3 - Creating your Own Proof


7.3 - Creating Your Own Proof

Today, we're going to start what I've heard called an "Evidence File". But, basically, it's your proof. Proof of all the times where you've taken risks and acted with confidence before. Where the Life Resume is examples of all the specific, tangible things you've learned, whether, through life experience or formal education, today's tool is more about the situations, emotions, and experiences you've gone through. Because, whether you realize it or not, you've already overcome the feelings of fear and the lack of confidence that you think are hold you back right now. You've already demonstrated tremendous confidence. You've just never thought of it that way! Well, today, we're going to start creating a tool, an evidence file, a book of confidence prove to demonstrate to you the rest of your life all the times you persevered and were resilient. All the times you were confident in spite of fear and discomfort. How's that for a tool?!


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