3.3 - Demons, Insecurities, & Limiting Beliefs


3.3 - Demons, Insecurities, & Limiting Beliefs

This is the sticking point. The crux of the problem for so many of us. The demons, insecurities and limiting beliefs are the things that breed our self-consciousness and self-doubt. In today's lesson, I'm going to teach you not only what these things are, where they come from, and how to identify them, but I'm going to present you with strategies to help you get over them. I can't and will never make a promise that you'll be able to overcome them simply by watching this video or doing this activity. Nobody can ever do that. But, what I will tell you that if you make some of the strategies I give you in this video and in this exercise a part of your daily life, these struggles will be vastly less prominent and less of an influence in your life. 


Check out one of my all-time favorite books "Daring Greatly" here and my all-time favorite personal development, period, "The Power of Vulnerability" here. Both by, you guessed it, Brene Brown!

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