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  • Understand that no one rides for free. Almost all of us have something about our appearance or body that we're insecure about. Even those of us that meet the cultural ideal of beauty. Did you know that Megan Fox was teased for the shape of her thumbs after Transformers was released? Ya. How dumb is that? Sometimes, the tall-and-skinny girls are insecure about their height. Sometimes they're even critiqued for being "too thin." Sometimes, just starting with the understanding that no one rides for free, that everyone struggles with some sort of body insecurity, is a great starting point.
  • Quit the comparison game.  We love to look at models, athletes and actors/actresses and assess all the things that they have, but we don't. We have to make a conscious choice to quit these comparisons because they don't serve us in any way shape or form.
  • Understand what's attainable for your body. Along those same lines, we are often looking at things in others that just aren't attainable for us. We're all built differently, so for someone with short legs, like me, to look at a model and say that "I won't be attractive until I can have her long, lean legs" is a recipe for disaster. It's okay to look at other women for aspiration. But, it's not okay to aspire to have things that our bodies just won't realistically have. Long legs? Thigh gap? Those things aren't attainable for me. And it was a huge step forward in my body confidence when I realized that pining for those physical attributes wasn't serving me.
  • There's a big difference between pursuing health and pursuing an ideal. I'm all for someone wanting to be healthier. I think there's merit and value in that pursuit. I'm all for someone wanting to eat right and workout to become stronger and more physically capable. I'm even all for it if they think that it will help them become more confident. But if they're doing these things because they are pursuing a cultural ideal of "beauty" or "thinness", then that's not healthy. If your sole reason for dieting and working out is to fit into the societal mold of beauty, stop right now. Because you're already beautiful!


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