Welcome to the Confidence Course

videos will be posted starting on October 16th!

Below you will find a list of all of the lessons, and links to all of the accompanying videos.



Welcome to the Confidence Course! I'm so excited that you're here! In this first video, I'm going to give you a little bit of information on my background, my story, how confidence or a lack of has affected me and how I've overcome it. 

I'll also give you some details into how the group will work!


Module 1 - The Foundations of Confidence

Video will be posted on October 16th

What is Confidence? Who has it and who doesn't?

In the first module of the confidence course, we will delve into the misconceptions and mysteries about confidence and what it means, as well discussing what you can do to ensure your success in this program.


Module 2 - struggles & behaviors

Video will be posted on October 23rd

There are 4 main areas of confidence. The places in which we struggle with having confidence in our lives usually fall into one of these categories.

This module will help you identify both the areas in which you struggle and the behaviors in which you partake that sabotage your confidence.


Module 3 - Know Yourself, Grow Yourself

Videos will be posted on October 30th

Why do we struggle? Oftentimes, it's because we are judging ourselves for being exactly who and what we are. We say we "should be" outgoing, extroverted, we should want to go out with our friends, do a certain kind of workout, have a certain kind of life, etc. 

But sometimes, confidence is about understanding and knowing who you are and accepting yourself for that. So in this module we're going to get to know ourselves.


MODULE 4 - Developing Emotional Confidence

Videos will be posted on November 6th

So much of what so many of us struggle with is our emotional confidence. We struggle with being kind to ourselves, we focus on the outcome and not the journey that gets us there, we will only do what's "comfortable," we struggle to truly be authentic, live in the moment, practice gratitude and forgiveness.

I believe all of these facets that we struggle with can be condensed into our emotional confidence, and in this module we're going to tackle how to develop that.


MODULE 5 - Developing physical Confidence

Videos will be posted on November 13th

Whether it's accepting your body, believing your beautiful, believing your physically capable, etc. body and physical confidence is a common struggle for women. In this module, we're going to talk about body confidence, how to cultivate confidence body language that won't just make you look confident, but will help you feel ocnfident as well. In this module we're going to talk about physical confidence and how to cultivate it.


Module 6 - developing confidence in relationships

Videos will be posted on November 27th

Relationships are a key component to human life. Our relationships color so much of our lives, and I can tell you from personal expeirence that relationships are also a key reason sometimes we we struggle with ourselves and our confidence.

it wouldn't be right to have a confidence course without addressing relationships and how they affect us, but it's also important to know that there are things you can do to cultivate positive relationships. We'll tackle that in this module.


Module 7 - Tools for improving your confidence

Videos will be posted on December 4th

This is the bread and butter of the confidence course. In all of the previous modules, we've had activities and talked about the ways in which we can develop confidence in specific aspects of our lives. Now, we're going to tackle confidence-specific activities and tools that you can do everyday, expose yourself to everyday and use everyday to help you not only improve your confidence while you're taking this course, but to continue to develop your confidence and your self-worth for the rest of your life!


Module 8 - Moving Forward

Videos will be posted on December 11th

The confidence course is coming to an end! But that doesn't mean your journey does.

In this module we'll talk about things you can do to continue to build your confidence, to continue along your journey, and to continue to improve your life! We'll talk about how to accurately measure your progress so that you can know when you're making progress in your life, how to set goals that motivate and inspire (not that make you feel inadequate), what to do when you hit plateaus, and what daily behaviors to cultivate to continue to build yourself up and move yourself forward!



Continue growing yourself and your confidence!

All the new resources and new material that I come up with that is outside of the scope of the main modules will go here! Whether it's a new, great book, a new lesson, a new, useful activity, I'll share that all with you here in the bonus content!